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Honored Kid Brianna B. Age 16

Brianna B.'s Photo
Belleville, IL, US
Brain or spinal cord tumor
Date of Diagnosis
June 2007
MRIs every 3 months to monitor tumor growth
Treated At
St. Louis Children's Hospital


Brianna is a five year old little girl who loves life. She has always been an outdoor girl who loves to go camping, boating and swimming. She loves riding motorcycles with her dad. But when she's not outside, she is our little artist who loves to draw and color. She was attending Kindergarden when she was diagnosed in November of 2007 with Juevenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma (JPA), which is a tumor located in the brain. Brianna has always been our perfect little girl, very well behaved, somewhat quiet and shy but fun-loving and so outgoing as soon as you get to know her! She has been so strong and brave throughout her experience and we admire her everyday for her courage. She is a fighter and one tough little girl who means the world to her family and friends.

It is now March of 2009 and we are still fighting. In October of 2008, our worst fear became a reality when Brianna awoke in horrible pain and lost vision in both of her eyes. She was rushed to the hospital and after 24 hours of testing and deliberating, we ended up in the OR for emergency brain surgery. After 14 days in and out of the PICU, numerous setbacks, and not knowing if we are ever going to see our little girl the same, she made a recovery. Along with that recovery, she lost all vision in her left eye, but has restored the vision in her right eye. And to us, that is the biggest miracle ever. We are taking a break from Chemo right now, and will be monitored by MRI's every 3 months in hopes that the tumor remains stable. What a strong little girl, I couldn't be more proud of her than I am right now.
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