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Honored Kid Dustin O. Age 17

Dustin O.'s Photo
Wisconsin Rapids, WI, US
Date of Diagnosis
December 2000
In remission


Dustin is a sports fanatic, always with some sort of ball in his hand (mostly football). He dreamed of playing for the Packers when he grew up. Dustin's dream was crushed when he was told he had cancer in his leg. With 18 chemo treatments and surgery that replaced the tumor with an internal prosthesis (called Ripiphysis) he looks like any normal child... The difference is that his dream of palying professional football has been crushed. He can no longer run or play contact sports. Dustin's treatments may be over but his emotions will be effected forever. The support from everyone has been unbelievable and very much appreciated. Dustin's quote during his treatment: "I didn't know so many people cared about me."

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