Honored Kid

Izak P.

Age 16
Izak P. Kid Photo


Memphis, IN, US



Date of Diagnosis

April 2006


No evidence of disease

Treated At

Kosair Children's Hospital, Norton Healthcare

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My Story

Hello to everyone. This is year 2 of what I am hoping will be a yearly event. Last year was so amazing that as soon as it was over I knew I would do it again this year. The event was truly moving it is amazing to see so many children and grown women with long hair shaving their heads in honor of their friends or children. This year we have ramped-up our efforts. We now have a team, in honor of Izak, It includes 4 team members already with a 5th possibly joining our efforts. Our goal this year is $1,000 for each team member for a total of $4,000. I know we can do it with your help. Tomorrow, February 23rd, is Izak's birthday and he will be 4. He continues to fight since his diagnosis 3 years ago. He still goes for full body scans every 6 months and, thankfully, they have all been negative. He is still in physical therapy and Jami says he is doing great. Please donate whatever amount you can, every little bit helps and it is greatly appreciated. Izak is the son of Jason and Jami Poore. Amy (my wife) has been friends with Jason since middle school and they went to HS and College at IU. That is where I met Jason, I used to borrow his student ID to get into IU games. We have been friends since. 2 days before Izak got sick, Jami (Jason's wife)had stopped by to say hello and see Lucas as he was only 8 months at the time. It was a beautiful spring day and we were outside swinging. Izak, with his curly, red hair, was a bundle of energy and curiosity. We spent some time swinging, and more time chasing the cat around the yard. It was awesome to see a young child experiencing the wonders of spring. The following weekend Izak became very sick. The following is his story written by his mom, Jami: IZAK WAS DIAGNOSED WITH STAGE 3 "GANGLIONEUROBLASTOMA" INTERMEDIATE RISK W/ FAVORABLE HISTOLOGY. IZAK ALSO HAS "AQUIRED" (meaning he didn't have it before he got sick) CEREBAL PALSY DUE TO THE BRAIN DAMAGE FROM THE VIRAL ENCEPHALITIS. On Sunday April 30th, we got Izak out of the bathtub and noticed a red splotchy rash on his belly. He had been kind of irritable that day and we thought he had some allergy symptoms. That night he barely slept for more than 20 minutes at a time. He tossed and turned, cried, and was very uncomfortable. Jason finally got him to sleep for a couple of hours. When we got up in the AM, the rash was still there and worried me a little. So, called the Dr. and took him in. The Dr. seemed a little perplexed about the rash and wanted to do some blood work to see about viral or bacterial infections. Mind you, Izak had no fever or anything. He had thrown up twice, but that is it. Dr. came back and said that Izak was a sick little boy. Jason and I looked at each other like what in the world. He said his sodium was very low which led him to believe he was dehydrated. Dr. sent us to the local hospital for more blood work and to be hooked up to IV fluids to rehydrate Izak. We went, he was hooked up to the fluids about 2 hours, and had more blood work done. The nurse came in and said my Dr. was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. He told me that instead of Izak's sodium getting better it was worse, and he was concerned. He wanted us to get to the children's hospital in Louisville. So we went. Within 2 hours of being there, Izak spiked a 106 temp., started to have seizures, and went into respiratory failure, had to have a breathing tube put in. Izak had significant swelling on his brain. So then we have all the Drs. wondering what in the world was going on, thinking about things like meningitis, rocky mt. spotted fever, encephalitis. Izak was packed in ice, had a cooling blanket on him. He was a sick little guy. About 2 days later the Attending Dr. from infectious disease came in to examine Izak and began feeling around on his belly. He felt a lump and ordered a cat scan for the next day. That day came and the Dr. sat us down and told us that Izak had a very large tumor in his belly, a tumor called Neuroblastoma. My world fell apart. How our lives go from so normal to turned totally upside down. I went in with the Chaplin to pray over Izak, and I am telling you, I felt a peace and calmness wash over me, and something (the good Lord) told me it was going to be OK. Our faith is carrying us through this entire journey. We know that the Lord is with us every moment of the day, and not only has this been a battle, it has been the most wonderful spiritual journey. Our relationship with Him has been so strong, and our trust in him amazing. The histology on Izak's tumor was great before he even began CHEMO. The biopsy revealed that his tumor had immature (cancerous), maturing (turning into "noncancerous"), and mature/dying cells. This was good news. Izak went through 8 rounds of CHEMO and has a little tumor left in his abdomen that is wrapped around some major arteries. He had a partial resection of the tumor and they were able to get about 80%. The Drs. say that it is a maturing/dying tumor and that they are not concerned about leaving a little in there. In fact Izak's primary Oncologist, Dr. Ahuja, told us to put the cancer behind us and focus on Izak's rehabilitation. The risks of surgery outweigh the benefit of leaving it in. Izak finished CHEMO in Nov. 2006, and has stable scans since. PRAISE TO GOD!! Izak has had to have a tracheostomy (we are hoping to get that out early summer 2007), a G-tube to help him get his nutrition (although he eats by mouth too), and has been diagnosed with aquired cerebal palsy due to the brain damage he suffered from the viral encephalitis. However, he is making great progress with therapy, and we have all the Faith in God that He has a GREAT plan for Izak!!! Izak has defied MANY odds,, amazed ALL of his Drs. God is truly with this little one. We are SOOOO blessed to have Izak here with us today, many thought he wouldn't make it, but I always knew a team like Izak and God were unstoppable, and I never accepted anything negative anyone had to tell me. It made me want to fight harder for Izak and turn to God even more. When you put all your Faith and Trust in God, and hand it all over to Him, He will fight harder for you than anyone!!! For anyone who has ever lost their faith, you walk a day in my shoes and you will never doubt God's amazing power and love, ever.

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