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Honored Kid Walker G.

Walker G.'s Photo
Chesapeake, VA, US
Date of Diagnosis
October 2007
Treated At
Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth


Walker is the light of our lives. He is funny, lovable, demanding (thanks to chemo), sensitive, inquisitive, delightful....I could go on and on. He has a new-found love for all things Transformers, but I think it's mostly because his older brother loves them. Anything that Mason loves, Walker loves, too. I'm just now realizing how much Walker idolizes Mason. He also likes Spiderman....he loves to put his nurses "in webs" when they come into his room. His access is called "baby jaguar tale" because he also like Diego. Everyone who meets Walker falls in love with him.

Unfortunately, we lost Walker just three weeks after our shaving event in 2008. His heart was weakened by the treatment for his cancer. We mourn him daily, but are determined that no other child be lost.
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