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Honored Kid Alyssa R. Age 14

Alyssa R.'s Photo
Queens, NY, US
Date of Diagnosis
November 2005
Cancer free
Treated At
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Alyssa was diagnosed with stage iv neuroblastoma 11/05 at the age of 2 yrs and has had multiple surgeries, 6 cycles of high dose chemotherapy, 32 radiation sessions and 7 cycles of immunotherapy. Alyssa was in remission for about a year and then had a local relapse in May 07 and then received an additional 28 radiation sessions and has currently had 12 cycles of low dose chemotherapy and is currently in treatment. Alyssa is truly a one of a kind strong, determined sweet and sassy princess who is truly our hero!

Visit Alyssa's story at www.carepages.com AlyssaRamos 

      other storys   www.soupyforloppy,org  Alyssa story  click on news 

  www.ffcancer,org  click  on IFCF  division...  then read her story under  kids division.  Alyssa story                  

 My daddy is a proud  member of UA LOCAL 638 STEAMFITTER  NYC.  MY FRIENDS NEED A CURE

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