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Honored Kid AJ Piniewski

AJ Piniewski's Photo
Wake Forest, NC, US
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Date of Diagnosis
May 2007
Treated At
Texas Children's Hospital


Our son AJ was a courageous, strong, fun-loving, athletic and inquisitive young man. On Fathers Day 2007, at the age of 14, he was diagnosed with Burkitts lymphoma, a very aggressive cancer. He bravely fought for 8 months, but was apparently was the only person on earth who could fulfill the needs elsewhere at the time. He passed away on Jan 5, 2008.

But AJ was so much more that all that. He has touched so many people, loved and is loved by so many, and blessed me with 14 years of pure joy as AJ's Dad. His friend, teachers, coaches and other family members have filled us with stories of AJ and we continue to be amazed by our young man. He was a bright shining spirit, the light of our lives, and had the ability to lift those around him just with his beautiful smile.

We miss him more than the languages of all the worlds can describe, but will always be together.

AJs Dad

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