Honored Kid

Parker L.

Age 4
Parker L. Kid Photo


Danbury, CT, US


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

Date of Diagnosis

June 2022


In treatment

Treated At

Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital

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My Story

To start Parker is a sweet boy he is the kind of kid that will help you up if he sees you fall or kiss a boo-boo if he notices your hurt. He is the kind of kid that will give you a hug if he sees your sad but also might give you a little tickle to make you smile! 

Parker loves dressing up as Spider-Man, The Hulk and pretty much any other super hero including a doctor! He has many emotions but he’s mostly sweet and  happy. But we call him a sour patch kid because like any kid he just has his moments.

Just a few days after recovering from Covid from what seemed like any other day,  Parker had complained about back pain and out of nowhere was limping we Initially went in for this back and  hip pain. I scheduled an appointment for the next morning. That morning I woke up and like any other day went to change Parker and saw he has little red dots all over his belly. It was at that moment I felt in my gut something wasn’t right and I went straight to my doctors office without even waiting for my appointment time. 

It was within mintutes that our pediatrician set us up to head to Yale because of Parker’s blood counts. We drive an hour to Yale and  Within 2 hours we were already at the hospital and being admitted. After what seemed like millions tests and what seems like forever we were given news that no parent ever wants to hear about their child. 

Parker’s blood showed signs of what looked like Lukiemia within 3 days he  was diagnosed with Leukemia type B(ALL) Parker started chemo within a couple days this was the start of a down ward spiral of complications. After just a couple weeks Of being diagnosed Parker was already admitted again and again with what started off as constipation and brought us near too kidney failure, severe dehydration, and  third spacing by some miracle after 8 days he woke up like nothing happened. My husband and I were  dumbfounded We really we’re not sure what just happened and left the hospital so confused yet so thankful that Parker was ok and feeling pretty good. This baby is so resilient and so tough. We just kept praying he didn’t  have to ever experience something like what he just went through again.

That same week after just 4 weeks of being diagnosed, We got the news that Parker was in (((REMISSION!! )))We felt so thankful and wished  it could just end there and many people thought it did. Surprisingly a lot of people didnt realize even after remission you must continue treatment . After such a traumatic experience already we ended up in the hospital again and found out Parker had kidney stones and he Had to have surgery . Parker had on going pain for weeks from this . But once removed he finally had a break. Everything seemed to be going well and we were home for a good 2 months before we ended up back in a for a whole month. Parker developed VOD and portal vein thrombosis we went in with a fever and ended up in the PICU after a week the 2nd week was the hardest because he was on high flow oxygen and attached to many many machines. It was a nightmare. We weren’t sure what was going to happen and how Parker would come out of it. But once again he pulled through and bounced back even the doctors were impressed with his quick response to treatment. And here we are 6 months into treatment still fighting but given another chance. Everyday we are greatful for the strength Parker has been given to continue his fight against this Cancer. 

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