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Honored Kid Marisa Augelli-Barone

Marisa Augelli-Barone's Photo
Carol Steam, IL, US
Date of Diagnosis
November 1998
Treated At
Comer Children's Hospital


Everyday I think and miss something about that beautiful girl. The time that has passed also allows for so much wonder, of what would be. What would she look like, sound like, interests be? What we do know is that she will always be a daughter, sister, cousin and friend.

Running, running, running! Marisa was always running. She was childhood personified! The joy and wonder that she approached each day with was a beautiful thing to behold. Marisa loved to run and play outside! She would rarely walk anywhere. She loved coloring, and all types of animals, especially dinosaurs. One of her favorite movies was Land Before Time. To say that Marisa was a fan of anything Disney would be a gross understatement! In fact, we are convinced her Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World filled her with so much joy that it prolonged her time with us!
Throughout her illness Marisa's energy was amazing! Even through the roughest of treatments she maintained her joyous spirit and inspiring attitude. She continued to laugh, run, play, swim, and just be a kid. To sum up Marisa's life in a pragraph is an impossipility. To share her life with others is a priviledge! We are truly blessed to be her parents. She is missed, but will be in our hearts and minds forever.
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