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Honored Kid Jersey B. Age 14

Jersey B.'s Photo
Evansdale, IA, US
Wilms or other kidney tumor
Date of Diagnosis
October 2011
In treatment
Treated At
University of Iowa Children's Hospital


Jersey awoke the night of November 1, 2011 with stomach pain. Her mother took her to the emergency room, where a urine sample contained blood, a symptom of Wilms' tumor. The next day, tests confirmed the tumor and Stage IV cancer was also found in Jersey's lungs.

On November 4th, doctors removed her cancerous right kidney. Two weeks later she took her first round of chemotherapy - a 25 week regiment - to eradicate the disease.

Through it all, Jersey remained strong. She had her down moments, but most of the time she had a smile on her face. She knew that she would lose her long blonde hair, and instead of being down about it, she was excited to wear various wigs of different lengths and colors.

On July 19th, 2012, Jersey had her port removed and her cancer is in remission. She will continue regular checkups and after 5 years she will be deemed cancer free.
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