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Honored Kid Carinne F. Age 11

Carinne F.'s Photo
North Aurora, IL, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
January 2012
In treatment
Treated At
Central DuPage Hospital


Carinne Faith is a beautiful, sweet, delightful 6 year old girl who is passionate about ballet and fashion. One day last year we noticed her abdomen was distended and rock hard. A few days later her skin tone changed to yellow. CT scans showed enlarged kidneys, liver and spleen. We went home and waited for the results of the blood tests. Then I got the call, Carinne needed to be admitted right away. The abnormal test results were pointing in the direction of Leukemia but a bone marrow biopsy was needed to determine for sure what we were facing.
On Jan. 27th, 2012, exactly 12 years after her grandfather had lost his life to cancer, Carinne was diagnosed with Premature B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She has since undergone 2 years of chemotherapy and is scheduled to complete her treatment on April 5th as long as she remains cancer free. After that, she will continue to be monitored every month for one year with spinal taps every 3 months to make sure the cancer hasn't returned. After a year off treatment she will go every 2 months to have bloodwork done.
We pray she continues to remain cancer free and that there are no long term damaging consequences to the treatment she has received. Join us in the fight to help kids like Carinne beat their disease and live a long and healthy life.
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