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Honored Kid Aidan S. Age 16

Aidan S.'s Photo
Redondo Beach, CA, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
August 2006
Cancer free
Treated At
Miller Children's Hospital


Aidan is an Irish name meaning "fiery one," and it suits our Aidan well. He is a fiery, friendly, funny, energetic, thoughtful and sometimes crazy kid who works hard, plays hard, and NEVER sleeps in (really, I mean NEVER - he could give wake up calls to roosters). Aidan is now in fifth grade and continuing to thrive. When he gets home from school each day, usually the first thing he does is his homework - even his math. Obviously, he inherited this "homework first" trait from his mother. Besides math (maybe not), Aidan loves the beach, basketball, reading, music, hanging out with his friends, family and dog, and dessert! He's recently taken up water polo, and seems to be enjoying it a lot, too. He also enjoys playing games (especially video games - anybody else surprised by this?). Household chores still get "short shrift," (along with occasional grumbles and eye rolls), and while I don't encourage this attitude, I must confess that I understand it well. The chores notwithstanding, we think Aidan is a great kid, and we are extremely proud of him.
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