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Honored Kid Malena (Anna) S. Age 10

Malena (Anna) S.'s Photo
Hiram, GA, US
Date of Diagnosis
May 2007
In maintenance


Diagnosed with Bilateral Retinal Blastoma in May 2010. Removed her right eye 6 days later and started a strong 3 regiment Chemo after that on her left eye.
The cancer was over 2.5 cm in her right eye which filled her whole eye and she was 100% blind on that eye. Her left eye had a 3mm tumor in her blind spot so she still has 100% vision in this eye.

She had chemo for 6 month which made her loose all her hair and it was pretty rough on her. She went from a 3 year old that was on track when it comes to development to going back in to diapers and quit talking. She is now diaper free and in school, she talks a lot but very hard to understand. She is going to Egelstone every 3-4 month to check on the scarring (tumor) which is still in the left eye. If you want to learn more about Retinal Blastoma there are 100 of different sites out there and stories, one can just google the name.
It is a child hood cancer that usually only develops in 0-5 years of age while the eye is growing the splitting of the eye cell mutates and creates the cancer.

Malena is now in a sensitive stage where she can develop leukemia and other cancers very easy. She is constantly monitored. We clean her eye every night and she wears protective eye glasses to protect her good eye from any damage while playing etc.
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