Honored Kid

Jarren Donatini

Jarren Donatini Kid Photo


Thousand Oaks, CA, US



Date of Diagnosis

April 2009



Treated At

City of Hope

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My Story

For my Boog A stay at home mom I was blessed to be Such joy in my heart to hear the word “mommy.” Hours on end of laughing and playing A terrible napper, I spent a lot of time praying! The nickname of Booger is what we picked. Boog for short. Some people had a fit. So much time bonding between you and me. However, a daddy’s boy is what you would always be. Anal, meticulous and a little OCD. I’m proud to admit, all qualities from me. Two nigh nighs always - one soft and one scratchy A pacifier, aka, mum mum that was always matching. You became a big brother as a toddler at age two. Gentle and sweet; you wanted “Bincent” to play with you. Not long after, our family moved to a new city. Acclimating quickly, we became instantly busy! MOPS, church, the park and play dates Excited for preschool, you couldn’t wait. In the Spring of ’09 just before you turned three A diagnosis of cancer that shattered our dreams. Hepatoblastoma. What? How do you spell that? How? Why? Now what? So many questions to ask. Doctors, nurses, clinic and hospital stays Chemo, surgeries and IV poles to get in the way. A central line, port, labs and dressing changes Fevers, vomiting, pain, you name it. Pokes, meds, scans and something called AFP - Three little letters that caused constant worry. A brief break from it all we got in September. Preschool! Such fun. Oh, the joy and the laughter. “Normal” for the first time in so very long. We embraced the miracle, even if small. Then our worst nightmare, the cancer has spread. Your liver, your lung and now your head. “I’m so sorry”, your oncologist sighed. Two months to live is what he surmised. 18 days passed and things got worse. So much pain that you had to endure. Then the night came for Jesus to take you. Your body gave up. You were tired and through. Surrounded by family and a few close friends We held you and hugged you ‘til the bitter end. In the arms of daddy you took your last breath. We said we love you, now it’s time to rest. I envision that Jesus carried you to heaven Your big sister was there to welcome you in. The hole in our hearts will never be filled. We miss you so much Jarren Mitchell. You taught us more than we ever taught you. True faith, hope and love to name a few. Moments together never taken for granted. Each day with you - a blessing - we were handed. You were a trooper. So brave and so strong. Truly, my hero. Of you I was in awe. You’ve changed lives without even knowing. We’re all blessed because of seeds you were sowing. I love you baby, my first born son. Always. Forever. Infinity and beyond.

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