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Honored Kid John T. Age 6

John T.'s Photo
Verona, NJ, US
Date of Diagnosis
March 2014
No evidence of disease (NED)
Treated At
Goryeb Children's Hospital


      We were all surprised and terrified when after only 23 weeks the doctors told us that my baby had to come. Hours later John arrived, tipping the scales at a whopping 1 lb. 2 oz. This was the start of a long, bumpy road called NICU life. John’s lungs were always his kryptonite.   He never took to the whole feeding thing and needed to have a g-tube placed in order to come home. After 221 days in the NICU John was finally able to come home to us. No, it was not like taking home your typical baby; this one came with oxygen, monitors, and a feeding tube. Regardless, taking this baby home was a long awaited miracle!  Little did we know that being a preemie would actually save John’s life. During a routine follow-up ultra sound, a mass was found on one John’s adrenal glands. Last March, shortly following his second birthday, John was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma, a tumor on his adrenal glands. This started yet another chapter in John’s book of medical issues. Along with this diagnosis came chemotherapy, surgeries, numerous illnesses and hospitalizations. Our life was once again turned up-side-down and filled with worry and despair. Despite his many battles and difficulties he had to face, John continues to make incredible progress. In the midst of chemotherapy, John began to walk, talk, and eat foods by mouth; showing us all what a miracle he truly is. John taught us many lessons. We learned not to take anything for granted, and each day is truly a gift.  Thanks our local oncology clinic, what was one of the hardest times of our lives was made bearable by the wonderful doctors, nurses and therapists who welcomed John and cared for him like he was their own. They filled our days with hope and smiles. Now we would like to give back to those who have helped us. By giving St. Baldrick, you will help us bring smiles to other children in need of a little happiness.            
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