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Honored Kid Cole Marshall

Cole Marshall's Photo
Simi Valley, CA, US
Brain or spinal cord tumor
Date of Diagnosis
August 2005
Treated At
Children's Hospital Los Angeles


Hi, I am Cole's mom, Lisa. I could tell you about my son Cole from my perspective. I could tell you how Cole was as smart as he could be, and an avid reader. What an amazing athlete he was. What a loving heart he had. But I think it would be best to let Cole tell you, in his own words. They explain better what it is like for a child of 8 to be diagnosed with a brain tumor for which there is no viable treatment. Why we need better options that can only come from more research. Here goes:


By Cole Marshall

“You’re out!”
“But I tripped,” I said. This is how it was on the handball court.
“Cole, stop scuffing you’re feet please.” This is how it was at my dad’s house.
“Cole, why are you covering one eye?” This is what it was like at my mom’s house.
Every day people would ask me these questions and say these things to me. But I just thought I had big feet, and I didn’t really notice that I was scuffing my feet , and the reason I was covering one eye was because if I didn’t everything looked double. Finally we knew something was wrong, so my mom scheduled a doctor’s appointment. So one day my mom dragged me down to the doctor’s office. They took a MRI of my head and told us to take it to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles so they could look at it. Then we received the horrible news. I had a brain tumor.

Hi. Lisa again. Please help children have a better fighting chance than what Cole had. 9 is much too young to be an angel.

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