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Honored Kid Cody O. Age 5

Cody O.'s Photo
Norfolk, VA, US
Date of Diagnosis
July 2016
In remission
Treated At
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters


Cody was diagnosed on July 11 2016 with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma stage 4. His tumor is in his common bile duct in his biliary tract. It is inoperable. He's had numerous surgeries (8 to date) and a few complications since diagnosis. The tumor was blocking his bile duct making it impossible to drain properly, which was causing his liver to fail and was pressing so hard on his organs it actually caused his gallbladder to rupture. We were unable to take his gallbladder out due to the tumors location so he had to have a Jp drain inserted in his abdomen and wear it for several months to drain the gallbladder. After a couple rounds of chemotherapy the tumor shrunk enough for the Dr's to successfully remove the gallbladder. He had stents put in place to help keep his bile duct open to keep everything open that the tumor was blocking. He continued to receive chemotherapy almost every week since July 2016. He endured 6 weeks of radiation which he had to be sedated for everyday. He continues to get treatment at CHKD and if everything goes as planned, his treatment will be done in June. 

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