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Fundraiser 780 Andy Mac's Fundraiser

Second Annual Andy Mac & Friends Holiday Benefit!!!!

Fundraiser Date
Dec 19, 2014
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Fundraiser Location
Caffe Vivaldi
32 Jones St
New York, NY 10014


Your donations fund lifesaving children’s cancer research

$7,361 raised
$5,000 goal


Hello and Happy Holidays!

Yes, as you can see, we have met our goal and then some! We are all overjoyed at the kindness, compassion, and generosity of you all!

Please keep in mind that while we have indeed accomplished what we wanted to, there are ALWAYS more children in need that St. Baldrick's is rushing to help.

That's where YOU come in. Yes, YOU!

See that "donate" button? Yes, you do. Go click on it. You WON'T be sorry.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and Happy Holidays!!!
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Kids Honored

Fiona C.
  • Age 8
  • Kenmore, NY US
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
  • In remission
Eleanor S.
  • Age 5
  • Fredonia, NY US
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
  • In remission
Olivia W.
  • Age 6
  • Cheektowaga, NY US
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
  • In maintenance

Donor List

  • $1,000 - $2,499


  • $500 - $999


  • Dr. Kat Ogle

  • The Guests of The Benefit Show at Caffe Vivaldi In Honor Of Fiona C Cross

  • $100 - $249

    Mr. Andy Mac In Honor Of Ms. Fiona C Cross

  • MPress Records In Honor Of Daylle D Schwartz

  • Just Another Runner and Survivor In Honor Of Miss Fiona Cross

  • Grandpa Mac and Nana In Honor Of Miss Fiona Clare Cross

  • Ms. Lucille Dunn

  • Miss Patricia N Ridout

  • Mrs. evelyn fahey In Honor Of Fiona Cross

  • Anonymous

  • Kelly Stets

  • Angela Slemp and Matthew Glaze (With Love!) In Honor Of Miss Leah Nash

  • Mrs. Patti Martinez In Honor Of Ms. Fiona Cross

  • Mary Wagner

  • Micki Barreto & Keith Verdee

  • Brian P

  • Lesley Lockhart

  • Mrs. Adrianna J Schaefer

  • Mrs. Brenda K Horn

  • Miss Lesley A Keller

  • $1 - $99

    Mr. Ronald B Wenick

  • Lori and David In Honor Of Fiona Cross

  • Stan Kopec

  • Mrs. Karen Muoio In Honor Of Fiona C Cross

  • The Polichette Family

  • Katie OBrien

  • Erin Lubick

  • Ms. Jennifer L Georgakis In Memory Of Norman Rosenblatt

  • Eileen Hummel In Honor Of Fiona, Ella and Livvie Beautifulgirls

  • Ryan Clifford

  • Kelli McKee

  • Anonymous (2)

  • Mr. Sherman Boim

  • Meredith Tarr

  • The Wenzel Family In Honor Of Fiona Cross

  • Ms. Katrin Flunker

  • Noble Steed Music / JLS In Memory Of Michael Spiewak

  • Evinlyn Prescott

  • Miss Bell

  • Glen In Honor Of Mr. George M Kern

  • Tim Ellis In Memory Of George D Ellis

  • Eric, Shannon and Kaitlyn Haley

  • Miss Jeanne Halal In Memory Of Mr. Donald Halal

  • Ms. April Holler In Memory Of Alex Haws

  • Devon Cucarese In Memory Of Neal Golden

  • Miss Tracy L Thorne In Memory Of Mrs. Eleanor Glebaucis

  • Mr. Dale Danner

  • Ms. Jenn Summers

  • Lucy Greenway

  • The Anzaldi Family

  • Deacon & Mrs.Comerford

  • Mr. Christopher Abad Sr.

  • Kevin & Janis McNamara

  • Jenna Torres

  • Lauren O'Brien

  • Jess Bunshaft & Marc Head

  • Ms. Robyn P Shepherd

  • Paul Rosario

  • Miss Ashley M Lehmann

  • Lara Ewen In Memory Of Chas. Noonan

  • Ms. Katherine L Etzel

  • Margie Danahy

  • Bryan & Emily Dunn

  • Bianca Henriquez

  • Mrs. patricia hehn

  • Mr. Jeffrey Bennett

  • Shannon Pelcher In Memory Of Robert Brennan

  • Mr. Michael McKee

  • Ma & Sue Phillips

  • Tom and Tina Darby

  • Mr. Michael A LaPietra

  • Miss Tavis K Brady

  • Miss Wendy Hehn In Honor Of the Awesome Fiona Cross

  • Leslie George

  • Mr. Jeremy Thompson

  • Deborah Pirraglia In Memory Of Mike "Rockbox" Gitelson

  • Mr. Chris M Norton

  • Ms. Josie DiChiara In Memory Of Carlo DiChiara

  • Billy Gaus

  • Mr. Thomas F Tomlinson

  • Elizabeth Urbanski

  • Mr. Tommy Lombardozzi Jr. In Memory Of Mr. Georgie DeCicco

  • Mrs. Christy M Flynn

  • Ms. Caitlin Irwin

  • Mr. Kevin E Brown

  • Jen McManus

  • M. Massalone

  • Carolyn's VA Principal In Honor Of Miss Fiona Cross

  • Johnna Jackson In Honor Of Miss Fiona Cross

  • Ms. Jane A Ferrick In Memory Of Mrs. Patrica Sweeney

Thank you to our National Partner

Funding lifesaving childhood cancer research has never been more important. Make a donation & save lives.