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Fundraiser 2491 Peter Miceli's Fundraiser

Petey (Leukemia Survivor) Wants to Give Back!

Fundraiser Date
Mar 13, 2017
Fundraiser Location
St. Baldrick's - FDNY E313/L164
44-01 244th Street
Douglaston, NY


Your donations fund lifesaving children’s cancer research

$10,522 raised
$10,000 goal


Hi, I'm Petey Miceli, in January 2011, I was told I had Leukemia.  I was only 7 years old.  This was shocking to hear.  I was so weak but I knew things were serious and I had to fight.  I fought cancer with chemotherapy for four years. They put chemo into a port in my chest, 22 intrathecal's - infused into my spinal fluid and I had to take chemo and steroid pills everyday.  It was horrible!  I'm so happy to be free of it today. I'm 13 now and going to be a Survivor in March.  Now, I want to give back since I'm strong enough to help.  I'm fighting for the kids that are still battling cancer.    P.S. -   I'm going to shave my dad's hair at the FDNY E313/L164 St. Baldrick's Fundraiser on March 13th. Please help me by donating so we can raise funds for kids fighting cancer.  More funds means better medicine so maybe others don't have to go through what I went through.  Thank you,  Petey Check out this video of me shaving my dad's hair in 2014. (copy and paste the link below into browser)

Did you know that 300,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year? And in the U. S., one in five will not survive. I want to change that, so I'm raising money to find cures. Please support me with a donation to the St. Baldrick's Foundation. 
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St. Baldrick's Kids

Alexis H.
  • Age 7
  • Bellevue, WA US
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
  • In remission
Kennedy V Bruce
  • Age 22
  • Beulah, ND US
  • Other childhood cancer
  • Cancer free
Jake C.
  • Age 16
  • Thornton, CO US
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Cancer free
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Donor List

  • $500 - $999

    Mr. Vincent & Jennifer Flood In Memory Of Colin Flood

  • Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy Students - Collection #1 In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Engine 291/Ladder140 In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Chad and Marlene, C&M Construction, in honor of Petey Miceli

  • Engine 285 Ladder 142

  • $250 - $499

    Engine 265

  • Engine 251

  • FDNY E314 In Honor Of Mr. Petey Miceli

  • Anonymous


  • Engine 307 Ladder 154 Commissary

  • $100 - $249

    Pete & Phyllis Miceli (Proud Mom&Dad) In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Mrs. Nicole Faber In Honor Of Petey Micelli

  • Mrs. Liz Weiner

  • Mr. Dominic Chiodi

  • Lt. LARRY J Keiley Sr. In Memory Of Mrs. MARY E Keiley

  • Rich Gatti

  • Mr. Joseph Canale

  • Kevin Albert In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Patricia and Stella Gambino, so proud of you Petey! In Memory Of Pina Troia

  • Ladder 121

  • Paul and Claudia Schmalzried

  • FDNY E263-L117

  • From the Officers and Firefighters of Chauffeur Training, FDNY Fire Academy, FDNY

  • E303/L126 Princeton St Tigers

  • Mr. Wallace Adamkiewicz

  • Mr. Vincent A Cartafalsa



  • Wayne and Gail Cook


  • Mr. Donato J DeVito

  • John "Ski" E84/L34

  • Mr. John Whalen

  • Mr. Joseph T Alesi

  • Anthony Macchirole In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • SQ 288 & Haz Mat 1

  • Annmarie Vitale In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • The McAree Family

  • Renu Contracting and Restoration, Inc. In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Engine 326

  • $1 - $99

    Caryn A Campo

  • The Wessely Family

  • Mrs. Kathy Vassallo

  • In memory of Colin

  • Angela Prisciandaro

  • Mr. Peter Miceli Sr. In Honor Of Petey Miceli, Jr.

  • Mrs. Donna Muro

  • Mr. Frank J Montaruli

  • The Hellmann Family

  • Mrs. Maddie Cerrito

  • Oisin McGirr

  • Mr. james sicilian

  • Anonymous (3)

  • The DeStefano Family & Richard and Dolores Marino In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Nicole Hoops' Mom and Dad

  • The White Family In Honor Of Petey Micelli

  • G-III Apparel Group, Ltd. - Nicole Hoops

  • The McGarvey Family

  • Isabella and Julianna Prince

  • Mr. Felix Collado

  • Stephan E291

  • Ms. Jessie Biondo

  • Jill Nicolois

  • Ms. Kim Labay

  • The Gaffney Family. OLHCA 4-208

  • A. Roman

  • dan browne

  • Mr. Tim Byrne

  • Mr. Daniel Bodkin

  • Patrina Alesi In Memory Of Giuseppa Troia

  • LT Richie Scott

  • Gina DeGraw In Honor Of Matthew DeGraw

  • Angela O. DiMaggio In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Mr. Timothy J McQuade In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Mr. Brandon Froelich

  • The Crowe Family

  • Lynne & Frank Caruso

  • Mrs. Tina Inglese

  • Mrs. Victoria Geras

  • Mrs. Rossana M Azzara

  • Mrs. Maryann Arena


  • Mr. charles f gambino

  • Mr. Christopher Remusat

  • OLH Academy students-Donation #2

  • B&B Salvatore

  • Mary Prato

  • Mrs. Anna Ferriso In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Mrs. Ashley Callagy

  • Phyllis Campanelli

  • The Buttaro Family

  • Mr. Brian Walsh

  • Kevin Harrison

  • Mrs. Josephine Dolce

  • Mrs. Lisa A Dolan

  • Joseph & Carol Shields In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Dorothy Balacich In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Emily & Anthony Gonzalez In Honor Of Jasmine Gonzalez

  • Mrs. Tracey Savino

  • Terryanne Rosenhammer

  • MILBURN/RENU In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • E 324

  • Mr. Charlie Heym In Memory Of Michael Heym

  • Brian p Durkan

  • John, Lori, Claire, & Jack Fitzgerald

  • Kim and Tamela

  • The Krupski Family In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Ricky Burton

  • Ms. Ewelina Sideris

  • Mr. Hugh Boyle

  • Billy R Crowther In Honor Of Mr. Pete Miceli

  • Nick & Newton @ Milburn

  • Joan and Joe Perrone In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Arthur and Lori In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Judith B. Schmitz In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Ridge Pond Aunto Repair Inc. In Honor Of Petey Miceli

  • Triangle Auto Body In Honor Of Petey Miceli

Thank you to our National Partner

Funding lifesaving childhood cancer research has never been more important. Make a donation & save lives.