Event 7849


Cleveland Heights Community Center

Mar 16, 2014 • 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

At: Cleveland Heights Community Center

1 Monticello Blvd (at Mayfield), Cleveland Heights, OH US

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$100,000 GOAL

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Event 7849

National Partner

$500 - $999

  1. Ms. Beth J Llewellyn

$250 - $499

  1. The Children's Center of First Baptist Church

$100 - $249

  1. Mrs. Beverly Holland
  2. Jan D In Memory Of Janis Reed
  3. Jenny Frutchy Ford
  4. sarah miggins
  5. sue dress

$1 - $99

  1. Assel Family
  2. The Faculty and staff of St. Charles School In Honor of Mrs. Elileen Updegrove, Principal of St. Charles School
  3. Ali W Trotter
  4. Margaret Cohen & Kevin Rahilly
  5. Susanna Niermann in memory of Charlie Fox
  6. Laila Laki
  7. Kathleen Reka Simonyi In Honor Of Garret Gulden
  8. Ms. Erin M Gisel
  9. Aimee Banas In Honor Of Garrett Gulden
  10. Aliza, Rob and Lexie DeMasi
  11. Lapin Family In Honor Of Rabbi Joshua L Caruso
  12. Jason Stein
  13. Ms. Calanit Hayes
  14. Ms. Melissa A Yasinow In Honor Of Michael Simning

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