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Event 6969 Donna's Good Things at Candlelite Chicago

Event Date
Mar 30, 2013
2:00 pm
Donna's Good Things at Candlelite Chicago
7452 N. Western Ave
Chicago, IL US
Event Contact
Jamie Morris


Your donations fund lifesaving children’s cancer research

$50,536 raised
$30,000 goal

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Please join Donna’s Good Things for a second year as we gather to do good things in memory of Donna Quirke Hornik! We're having a St. Baldrick's event to raise money to fund research in hopes that one day no child will have to fight cancer.

The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government. You can be involved by donating, signing up to be a participant, fundraising, volunteering, and attending. Join us on the event day to celebrate Donna’s spirit, meet Mary Tyler Mom and family, and gather with others who have been truly touched by Donna’s Cancer Story. If you choose to support a participant or team at our event, your name will appear on their donor list. To support our event in general and appear on our event donor list, please click "Make a donation" to give online, or donate by phone or mail. Let’s help the St. Baldricks’s Foundation continue to do good things!
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Event Activities

  • 2:00 PM

    Event Begins

  • 4:00 PM

    Event Ends

Kids Honored

Donna Quirke Hornik
  • Chicago, IL US
  • Brain or spinal cord tumor
  • Deceased
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Donor List

  • $2,500 - $4,999

  • $1,000 - $2,499

    Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.

  • The Franklin Templeton Charitable Giving Fund

  • Anonymous

  • Friend of Kaylen and Donna...may they meet in heaven. In Memory Of Miss Kaylen Birk

  • $250 - $499

    Ola, Chris & Lukas Harrysson In Memory Of Ms. Donna Hornik

  • $100 - $249

    Jennifer L Allinson

  • Alex & Magda In Memory Of Ms. Donna L Quirke Hornik

  • Angela Benander

  • Shannon Duffy

  • "Minivans, Meltdowns & Merlot" In Memory Of Miss Kathy T Coppola

  • Anonymous (2)

  • Mrs. Jill A Fink

  • Carrie Goldman In Memory Of Donna L Quirke Hornik

  • Katie, Annie Rose, and Cleo In Memory Of Donna L Quirke Hornik

  • Mrs. Maggie P Hale In Memory Of Jack and Flossie Maloney

  • Ms. Lisa M Hall

  • M. Henn

  • Jennifer J. In Memory Of Donna Q Hornik

  • Ms. Zoe Klein In Memory Of Donna Quirke Hornick

  • Ally aka thecrumbdiaries

  • Christy M Padgett In Memory Of Lonny D Padgett

  • Regan Quick-Severin In Honor Of Donna Hornik

  • Mr. Howie Ronay In Memory Of Donna's GOOD THINGS

  • Ellie and Marco

  • MySquirmyWorms

  • Valentine Logar

  • $1 - $99

    Mrs. Jenny C Abeles

  • Ms. Dawn M Adin

  • Antoinette Alcazar

  • Mrs. Karen S Alpert

  • Mrs. claudia anderson

  • Ms. Kristine Baker In Honor Of Beautiful Donna

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Carolyn Hardwick-Black

  • Anonymous (24)

  • Mr. Jeff L Beauchamp

  • Mrs. Laura Been In Memory Of Donna Hornik

  • Allison Bellistri In Honor Of Miss Donna Hornik

  • Audrey B.

  • Kat Biggie and family In Memory Of Rachel Brannigan

  • Mrs. Melanie Blankenship In Memory Of Sweet, Amazing Donna 8-)

  • Ryanne Boerem In Honor Of Stephanie Anderson

  • Mrs. Jamie L Brindamour

  • Marnie Brodersen In Memory Of Donna Hornik

  • Ms. Ashleigh R Bronner In Memory Of Angela M Jones

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Mr. Charles E Brush, Jr.

  • Liz Burgess In Memory Of Phidime Charest

  • Hilary Bush In Honor Of Atia Lutarewych

  • Mrs. Alison Cahan

  • Mrs. Shannon C Camman

  • Paula & Jeffrey Cantor

  • Max Allen

  • Scott, Tracy, Cole and Mary In Memory Of Amazing Donna

  • Ms. Anne L Carpenter In Memory Of Mrs. Judy Carpenter

  • Siena's Mom and Dad

  • Karol Clapper

  • Meghan Conetta In Honor Of Donna's Good Things

  • Kathryn Coon

  • Ms. Cathleen S Cooper

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Donna Hornik

  • Brittany A Cowfer

  • Peacher Creature's

  • c crowley

  • Mrs. Jill K Davies In Memory Of Miss Donna Hornik

  • The DeBie Family

  • The Bitchy Housewife In Memory Of Donna Quirke-Hornik

  • debbie derleth In Memory Of Melissa K Derleth

  • Lucky Cast Club

  • Mrs. Laura A Dillinger

  • Terri D in San Diego

  • Mrs. Libbie Dollinger In Memory Of Donna Hornik

  • Anonymous In Honor Of Miss Emma Mitchell

  • Emily C Dukes

  • Mrs. Kerry J Duty In Memory Of J. J. Bryant

  • heather efaw In Honor Of kathy glow

  • Anne Elias In Honor Of All Families Affected By This Horrible Disease

  • Mrs. Eden Ellis In Memory Of Donna Day

  • Ms. Melissa A Enering

  • Ms. Rebecca A Evans In Memory Of Donna Quirke Hornik

  • Mr. Michael G Feeney

  • Fekete Family

  • Anonymous In Memory Of All who have left us too soon

  • Shannon m Ferrini Dunn

  • Jamie

  • Fisher Family

  • Lynsey Fiskars

  • Fitzgerald Family

  • Thank you Mom Brain and Logan @ CC Diaries. Facebook :)

  • Rebecca Flynn

  • Daegan Foley

  • Ms. Allison K Fonseca In Memory Of Addison Locke

  • Sara

  • Virginia Franklyn In Honor Of Zoe Franklyn

  • Ms. April N Freeman In Memory Of Rickey James

  • Frugalista blog In Memory Of Donna Hornik

  • In honor of Logan of Crumbdiaries

  • Zach Garino

  • Gaul Family

  • majda&tony

  • Erin L Gerber

  • Tiffany Gipson

  • JGlerum In Honor Of Cheri McDougle

  • Blake Goldberg

  • Mrs. Mary K Gouldner In Memory Of Miss Donna Quirke

  • Jimmy, Jill, Casey and Eli Greenfield

  • Razorblade Brain

  • Mrs. Chassey Harper

  • Ms. Melissa Harrison

  • hawes family In Memory Of Donna's Day

  • Mrs. Kimberly Hawkins

  • Mrs. Karen M Hockins

  • D'Amico Family

  • Hovis Family

  • Marlana Hudgens

  • Ms. Pamela Jandura

  • Amy M Johnson

  • Jayden and Calla Moran

  • Jessica T Johnston

  • Ms. Julie Kelly

  • Katie @ WordsForWorms.com

  • Lisa Kennedy In Memory Of Donna Q Hornik

  • maureen King In Memory Of Donna Hornik

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Mr. John Waldrep

  • Anonymous In Honor Of Harry Reever

  • Sally, Joel, Henry & Sam

  • The Laffey Family

  • Landfear Family In Memory Of Mrs. Vicki Wildhage

  • Mrs. Jennifer A Lenkiewicz

  • Erika Levy In Memory Of Donna Hornick

  • Laurie Levy

  • Marsha Lindsey

  • Mrs. Jeanne E Loftis

  • Mrs. Kelly A Loos

  • Mrs. jennifer C lopez

  • Caitlin Lowell

  • Kelly Luzzo

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Faith M.

  • Ms. Kathleen Mathews

  • Anonymous In Honor Of Donna Hornik

  • Kate McCue

  • Ms. Marie A McDowell

  • Susan McInnis

  • Katie Megan

  • Mrs. Justine Miller

  • Ape,Tho,MJ&Tisse

  • Mrs. Courtney D Morrison In Memory Of Miss Donna Hornik

  • Logan aka thecrumbdiaries

  • Ms. Natasha OConnell

  • Mr. Steve OConnell

  • Christine Organ

  • The Provencio Family

  • Mrs. Maria R Ostrowski

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Donna Day

  • Mrs. Melissa D Pappas

  • Mrs. Jennifer L Patrick

  • Mrs. Heather Paul In Memory Of Mrs. Marilee Etheridge

  • Mrs. stephanie pinckney

  • Jamie L Pollack

  • Mrs. Jennifer L Poskin

  • Sara Potter

  • Mrs. Diana J Pratt In Memory Of Donna King

  • Barb Quinn In Memory Of Donna Hornik

  • Ms. Barbara A Quinn

  • Ms. Natalia Ramos In Memory Of Miriam Parra Lopez

  • Caryn Ready In Memory Of Ward Hallberg

  • Redmon Family

  • Mrs. Janet M Reynolds

  • Mrs. Karen M Rider In Memory Of Donna Hornik

  • The Fernicola Family

  • Ms. Joanna Rooney

  • Ms. Julie Rutter

  • Ms. Caron A Ryan

  • Ms. Danielle T Sanborn

  • Ms. Anjali Sant In Memory Of Donna Hornik

  • Kiki

  • Mrs. Amy L Shaffer In Memory Of Penny Nichols

  • Mrs. Carrie Sheeran In Memory Of M J S

  • Mrs. Michelle Sheffield

  • Mrs. Hope Shuler In Memory Of Ms. Donna Quirke Hornik

  • Ms. Lori Strangberg

  • Jennifer Sweeney

  • Mrs. Desire'e Terrell

  • Ms. Heather E Tollison In Honor Of Jaden and Emerson Tollison

  • Mrs. Maria S Torsney

  • Kimberli An Koretz

  • Ms. Nicole M Underhill

  • Mrs. Kim Voltolin In Memory Of Donna Quirke Hornik

  • Ware Family

  • Melisa Wells In Memory Of Donna Q Hornik

  • Ms. Nikki C White

  • Mrs. Michelle M Whittemore

  • Ms. Christina Williams In Memory Of Donna Quirke Hornik

  • Sara R Witt In Memory Of Donna Hornick

  • Mrs. Stephanie Young

  • Mrs. Shannan Younger

  • Ms. Mechelle Zarou

Funding lifesaving childhood cancer research has never been more important. Make a donation & save lives.

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