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Apr 20, 2023 • 12:00 pm

At: Virtual

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Conquer Kids' Cancer


$ 100,000


$100,000 GOAL

$100,000 GOAL

(888) 899-2253

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Event 13713

Milestones & Stretch Goals

$ 77,805
  • GOAL 100,000 $

Top Participants


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Funds Raised
  1. David Wright $12,769.73
  2. George Ballantoni $6,623.14
  3. Georgie B. $6,577.30
  4. Jacobo Crespo $3,978.90
  5. Dave Tobias $2,878.12
  6. Greg Mariano $2,706.52
  7. Lee Nash and Katie Riccobono $2,512.95
  8. Kristen Sanders $2,439.84

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Top Teams


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Funds Raised
  1. OneBMC $21,583.52
  2. Enterprise $17,122.87
  3. Customer Success $11,011.14
  4. LATAM $6,660.25
  5. BMCLegalAssurance $6,174.31
  6. International $5,399.25
  7. InsideSales $4,089.74
  8. PreSales $3,383.07

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Live Donations

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  1. Frederick Campbell 4/21/2023
  2. Elizabeth Truong 4/20/2023
  3. Anthony Lombardi 4/20/2023
  4. Anonymous 4/20/2023
  5. David Tallent 4/20/2023
  6. Chris Nunn 4/20/2023
  7. Mallory Martino 4/20/2023
  8. Anonymous 4/20/2023

Event Details

Join us to have some fun – and be a hero for kids with cancer!

Come be a part of the 25th year of St. Baldrick’s volunteers working to Conquer Kids’ Cancer!

You’ll be giving hope to thousands of kids diagnosed with cancer every day – from babies and toddlers to children, teens and young adults. In fact, you’ll be saving lives!

Our event will speed the search for cures through St. Baldrick’s, the largest charity funder of childhood cancer research grants.

Sign up to shave your head or to raise money another way. Can’t join us? Please make a generous donation to give kids the long, healthy lives they deserve.

You can accelerate the next 25 years of cures for kids with cancer!

St. Baldrick’s Honored Kids

Kids with cancer are our reason for it all. They’re the inspiration behind our event and the reason we’re helping fund childhood cancer research. We believe all kids should be able to grow up and turn their dreams into realities. Join our event or make a donation, and click the photos below to read their incredible stories.

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