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About the financials

The Foundation remains committed to complete transparency, accountability and efficiency, adhering to the Donor Bill of Rights, and accepted standards for top-rated charities.

Charity rating agencies recommend that fundraising costs per dollar raised be kept under 35%, and special events often cost as much as 50% of funds raised. Our fundraising cost in this fiscal year was a healthy 18.9%, and we strive to be more efficient each year.

Source of funds

St. Baldrick’s volunteer event organizers, shavees℠, barbers, sponsors, donors, staff, board members and other volunteers generate 100% of revenues.

Expense ratios


Statement of activities

Year ended June 30, 2014
Changes in unrestricted net assets
Total Revenue, Gains and Support:$39,176,795
Functional Expenses
Program 128,726,542
Fundraising 27,042,200
Management and general 31,364,209
Total Functional Expenses37,132,951
Change in Net Assets2,043,844
Net assets, beginning of year13,090,480
Net assets, end of year$15,134,324

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An independent audit for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation has been performed by RBZ, LLP. We will also gladly send a copy by mail upon request. Please contact Ryan Brown at

All funds reflected on this page are listed in U.S. dollars.