Speak Up for Kids’ Cancer!

Speak Up for Kids’ Cancer is the advocacy action network of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  We provide information and resources to help you become an advocate for children with cancer and survivors. 

Speak Up for Kids’ Cancer gives a voice to the vast network of volunteers, donors, and participants involved in the work of the St. Baldrick's Foundation, the largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants, second only to the U.S. government. Speak Up for Kids’ Cancer is a natural next step to the mission of the St. Baldrick's Foundation—funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and giving survivors long and healthy lives.

Join Speak Up for Kids' Cancer and receive information about childhood cancer issues, alerts when your help is needed most, and tips on communicating with your elected officials. 

Childhood Cancer Issues

Why it’s more important than ever to join Speak Up for Kids’ Cancer?

Because Congress’ actions can impact the lives of kids with cancer and survivors.  Important childhood cancer legislation is now before Congress. One bill could affect the programs available to childhood cancer survivors.  Another bill could approve a federal study to examine any barriers to developing new pediatric oncology drugs. Congress’ action on appropriations will set the level of research funding available to the National Cancer Institute, and in turn, childhood cancer research. 

This is a critical time for you to be involved. Join Speak Up for Kids’ Cancer and:

Send personalized messages to your members of Congress. Urge them to support public policies to improve the lives of kids with cancer and survivors.

Invite your Representative to join the bipartisan Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus and help create a strong voice for kids with cancer in the U.S. House of Representatives. If your Representative is already a member, please thank him/her and tell them of your concern for childhood cancer.

Meet with your members of Congress when they are in their district office, hosting Town Hall Meetings, or when you visit Washington, DC.  Invite members of Congress and their staffers to your St. Baldrick’s event. 

Join or invite a friend to Speak Up for Kids’ Cancer today!

Take action on these childhood cancer issues currently before Congress:

Ask your Legislators to Cosponsor the Caroline Pryce Walker Childhood Cancer Act 

The bipartisan bill:

  • Expands childhood cancer research
  • Improves the tracking of childhood cancer cases through support of childhood cancer registries
  • Conducts a federal study into barriers for developing new drugs for kids with cancer

The bill honors the daughter of former Representative Deborah Pryce (R-OH), Caroline Pryce Walker, who lost her battle against neuroblastoma at age nine. The bill was originally scheduled to expire last September. However, due to the federal sequester this did not occur.

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Encourage your Representative to join the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus

The Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus, based in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Caucus helps members of Congress work together on childhood cancer issues. The bipartisan Caucus is open to Democrats and Republicans and is co-chaired by (founder) Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX) and Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD). 

The Caucus raises awareness about childhood cancer and works to prevent the pain, suffering and long-term effects of childhood cancers, and ultimately, to eliminate cancer as a threat to all children.

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News & Events

  September 30, 2014
An Exciting Month for Childhood Cancer Advocacy

This September, the childhood cancer community took Washington, D.C., by storm. From the halls of Congress to the White House, childhood cancer was a part of the conversation.

The flow of information was substantial. It was the beginning of a dialogue with government leaders to move childhood cancer from the back burner to the forefront of initiatives.

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  September 15, 2014
Being an Advocate for Kids With Cancer: What Does It Mean?

An advocate is not just someone who writes to Congress, calls their Congressional office, or meets with legislators. An advocate is also someone who organizes an event, or tells their story at a school, or gets their friends involved in raising funds for research. An advocate is a person who tells people why they shaved their head and helps teach the broader community about childhood cancer.

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  June 19, 2014
Tell Congress ‘Step Up: More Funding for Childhood Cancer Research’

A coordinated community effort is underway to storm Congress — on foot and online. Childhood cancer organizations throughout the country are joining together, and we’re going to send Congress a message:

Step up more funding for childhood cancer research.

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We Are Working Together

Speak Up for Kids’ Cancer is the advocacy action network of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  We provide information and resources to help you become an advocate for children with cancer and survivors. 

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