Honored Kid Robynn M. Age 14

Robynn M.'s Photo
Clay, WV, US
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
Date of Diagnosis
July 2007
In remission
Treated At
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
CAMC Women and Children's Hospital


Robynn is a spiritual 9yr old little girl, She was first dx with AML in July 2007, went into Remission and finished treatment Dec 2007, August 2008 she had relapsed, September 2008 she had a sibling bone marrow transplant. AS of date she is doing excellent, she back to being a child again. Robynn has 3 brothers Logan 10. Bryson 6, and Braden 4. She loves to dance, sing, cheerleading, camping, and being with friends and family. At this moment she is in love with the Disney channel Jonas Brothers, and Hannah Montanna/Miley Cyrus, she can sing their songs by memory.
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