June is National Cancer Survivor Month

While cancer kills more kids than any other disease, an estimated 500,000 childhood cancer survivors are alive today.

Whether they live weeks, years or decades, their lives are forever changed from the day of diagnosis. By age 50, 96% of survivors have severe or life-threatening conditions, as a result of their treatments.

Research helped find cures for many. Now let’s find cures that give survivors longer and healthier lives.

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Forever Changed

When children are treated for cancer, their bodies and minds are still developing. So even while those treatments are saving lives, they often are doing damage that will last a lifetime. Our goal: to help more kids survive, and to give those survivors longer and healthier lives.


A brain tumor survivor, Julia was diagnosed in 2014 and has endured chemo, radiation, and many surgeries. She’s a 14-year-old who has faced so many challenges, yet remains full of joy, love, and compassion for others. She knows that by the time they’re 50, almost every survivor of childhood cancer has a health issue caused by their treatment, and only research can change that.

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Micah was a day shy of 15 months old when his cancer journey began. After 2 relapses and 7 years of brutal treatments, Micah’s treatments ended in February 2019, but he will be monitored for life. His mom says, “As a parent, I’m relieved, but the fear never goes away because the risk never goes away.”

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A bone marrow transplant saved Brooke’s life, but also led to chronic and life-threatening issues affecting her gut, skin, eyes, liver, mouth, kidneys and more. Now a Stanford graduate preparing for med school, her St. Baldrick’s Hero Fund raises funds to help adolescents and young adults with cancer not just survive but thrive!

photo by: Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group