Dear Friends,

As we present our year in review, we take stock of our progress towards our ultimate goal. You already know the St. Baldrick’s Foundation doesn’t do things small — except our expenses! We always aim high, and our aspiration is to achieve no less than total cures for more than 100 forms of cancer that occur in children and young adults.

By “cure,” we don’t mean survival alone, although that is surely paramount. By “cure” we mean zero long-term side effects of treatment. We believe a cure for a disease is poor when it leaves one unable to cross the street alone, or with heart disease or infertility or a host of other impairments and maladies with which many survivors of childhood cancers are forced to live.

As always, our top priority is research. We’re committed to fund every stage of research, from “bench to bedside,” for all forms of pediatric cancers, and to help drive innovation. Of course, our commitment to excellence by funding only the best research is unwavering.

We’re also working more proactively with federal legislators and regulators to improve our national research pipeline, where children with cancer are often the last priority. We’re also engaging our counterparts in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to identify barriers to drug development and jointly develop initiatives to ensure promising research is not abandoned because the right party isn’t at the table. We understand it’s essential to work with industry and government, as well as academia, to ensure we’re making real advances.

St. Baldrick’s has pioneered Hero Funds and a partnerships program to enable families and other organizations to tap into our premier peer-review research program. This allows scientists to spend more time on research, and by collaborating, we’re able to fund research that may not be possible on our own. Even our Do What You Want program for individual volunteers allows those wanting to keep their hair to support the most promising research too.

You serve a vital role in our quest to expand and improve research to conquer childhood cancers, and your support and generosity are never taken for granted — thank you. We do hope, however, that you stay with us from now until the day we achieve the ultimate goal. A young cancer patient once said he was so excited to be part of St. Baldrick’s because “it means I’m going to get to grow up.”

Thank you for helping to give him, and every child with cancer, the gift of a future.

In Service,

Charles M. Chamness E-Signature
Charles M. Chamness
Board of Directors Chairman

Kathleen N. Ruddy E-Signature
Kathleen M. Ruddy
Chief Executive Officer