Dear Friends,

Big data. In the digital era, those two words are usually associated with big business, technology, and thingsthat might be considered impersonal.

But at St. Baldrick’s, our data is big and personal. Because every number tells a powerful story — one that you’ve helped to create.

So this year’s annual report is all about the numbers and the impact we’ve made together, not just this past year, but since our beginning...

  • 3: the number of friends who started it all in 2000 with a goal of shaving 17 heads.
  • 400,000+: the number of volunteers who have since shaved their heads at 10,000+ events worldwide.
  • $200,000,000+: your dollars that made over 1,000 lifesaving research grants possible.
  • 300,000: the number of children diagnosed with cancer worldwide each year, who you help to save:

Like 7-year-old Phineas, diagnosed with chemo-resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia three years ago, whose life was saved by an immunotherapy trial you made possible.

And that’s why what we do is so important — because each number adds up to a child’s life.

We’re more than numbers, and your dollar is worth more at St. Baldrick’s because we know that no one research center has a monopoly on talent or great ideas. We invest in the most promising research, wherever it takes place, and in lifesaving therapies that all too often wouldn’t get funded without you.

So as we take a look at the successes of our past, and as we approach our 17th anniversary, we give thanks for you. Because when you support St. Baldrick’s, as our numbers prove, you’re investing in the gold standard of childhood cancer research. And what you do adds up.

We couldn’t do it without you.

In service,

Michael McCreesh E-Signature
Michael McCreesh
Chairman of the Board

Kathleen N. Ruddy E-Signature
Kathleen M. Ruddy
Chief Executive Officer