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Vanessa O'Flynn
is Shaving to Cure Childhood Cancers

Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Help me fund the research that will save their lives!

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Event Date
Mar 15, 2013
4:30 pm
Bermuda Athletic Association
Bermuda Athletic Association
24 Woodlands Road
Pembroke, Bermuda BM
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Your donations fund lifesaving children’s cancer research

$82,266 raised
$150,000 goal


Why am I having my head shaved? To stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer, who typically lose their hair during treatment. I'm doing it to raise funds for childhood cancer research. Most importantly, I am honoring Connor Trant, a very brave, very strong young man currently battling Ewings Sarcoma. Please read below:

My name is Connor and this is my story: I just graduated from high school and was an 18 year old who was off to college in just a week. I could hardly wait to start my college career! All my friends were leaving for college and I had to have a pain in my left leg looked at before heading down to campus for my first semester; there was going to be a lot of walking and I had increasing pain whenever I walked. After several visits to my doctor we went to a specialist who ran tests and did a biopsy. My doctors informed me that I had Ewings Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, growing in a bone near my ankle. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. How could I have Cancer? I had always "done" everything right. I felt it was all too much for me to take in at one time. When my mind and body were willing to tackle this cancer I had a port surgically implanted and my 17 rounds of heavy chemo began at the University of Chicago Hospital. I am participating in a trial where the outcomes of my chemo and surgery may help future Ewings patients. I am benefitting from others before me who participated in trials so others could be helped. It has been hard losing my hair and feeling the nauseating effects of the chemo. So much research needs to be done on how to better fight these horrible cancers that interrupt lives and cause such pain and torment to young people. I will have surgery to remove the tumor with part of my bone and then go back to the chemo treatments and physical therapy. This year I am fighting this awful cancer, but next year thanks to the wonderful doctors I will finally start my freshman year of college!

Learning of Connor's diagnosis helped me finalize my decision to shed my long locks. In March I will join my husband, my son and countless other men and women worldwide who are all gathering funds and shaving their heads to stand up against cancer. I can’t wait! To support me on behalf of these very special kids and Connor, please click "Make a Donation" above, or donate by mail or phone. Thank you for your support!
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St. Baldrick's Kids

R. Ethan H.
  • Age 14
  • Oklahoma City, OK US
  • Other childhood cancer
  • Cancer free
Kasie F.
  • Age 25
  • Milton, FL US
  • Other childhood cancer
  • In remission
Cameron David Allen
  • Minneapolis, MN US
  • Brain or spinal cord tumor
  • Angel
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