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Abigail Stonerook
is Shaving to Cure Childhood Cancers

Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Help me fund the research that will save their lives!

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Event Date
Apr 29, 2012
12:00 pm
Claddagh Irish Pub - Livonia
Claddagh Irish Pub - Livonia
17800 Haggerty Rd
Livonia, MI US
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Your donations fund lifesaving children’s cancer research

$9,460 raised
$10,000 goal


When I was five, I asked Cindy, who cut my hair, if she could buzz it so that I could look like my brother. To which she responded, "I will never shave your head." She never did... and I was thankful she had refused to do so.

I am cringing thinking about losing all of my long blond locks, as some of us look less-than-fantastic... bald. However, thousands of children (and adults, for that matter), lose their hair every year while going through chemotherapy. Unlike me, it is not their choice to lose their hair, but rather an assumed piece of their fight. Along with my brother, Nick, and other brave volunteers, I'm having my head shaved to stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer, but more importantly, to raise money to find cures. Please support me with a donation to the St. Baldrick's Foundation. This volunteer-driven charity funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U. S. government. Your gift will give hope to infants, children, teens and young adults fighting childhood cancers. So when I ask for your support (or how much you're willing to pay to see me bald), I'm really asking you to support these kids. Thank you! Click "Make a donation" to give online, or donate by phone or mail.
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Kids Honored

Caroline D.
  • Age 8
  • Macomb Township, MI US
  • Germ cell tumor
  • In treatment
Abby S.
  • Age 15
  • Tinley Park, IL US
  • Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
  • In remission
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Donor List

  • $250 - $499

    Doug & Corinne Kee

  • Anonymous (2)

  • People of Plymouth (loyal DK Customers)

  • My "Old-Timers" team: Ali, Claire, and Jocelyn

  • The Dairy King of Plymouth

  • $100 - $249

    Dr. Marigene Arnold

  • Mr. George Christenson

  • Joanis Family

  • Chris LaFond

  • Rachael & Paul

  • Lindy and Joe DuMouchelle

  • The Machnowski Family

  • Ms. Katelyn R Sigworth

  • Ian McLane

  • Cathy/Scott Koepke

  • Darrel A. Durkie

  • Alfaris international school grade 12

  • Anonymous

  • Jaclyn Brandt

  • Megan C In Honor Of Mr. James Maddick

  • Dave C. from GKIC

  • Alfaris high school section

  • The Treadwells

  • Abigail Stonerook's Dad & Mom

  • John and Cindy Merrifield

  • The Lindbergs

  • Little Prince Charles Button

  • Ryan long

  • Kurt & Jackie Norris

  • Chuck Myslinski

  • The Freund Family

  • $1 - $99

    Ms. bree malek


  • Abigail Stonerook

  • Kimberly gnagey

  • Carrie Franchi

  • Eric Bacyinski

  • Ali Cervini

  • Greta G.

  • Ms. Elisabeth A Copper

  • Clark and Karen Chapin

  • Mr. oussama bader

  • Katie Maloni


  • Briana, Paulo, and Cecilia

  • Kathryn A Meier

  • Zach Ellis & Krysta Tinsley

  • Anonymous (9)

  • Lizzy

  • Pam MacKenzie

  • PaPa P

  • Friend of Abby Stonerook

  • Chloe Kind

  • Captain Tricia Dougherty

  • The Hurley's

  • Monica

  • Marlo Wolford

  • Jocelyn loves Abby!!

  • Emily Landis

  • Delrhea

  • kathy lake

  • Melissa and Brenda (In honor of the kids at Mott on 7 east)

  • Judy Ray In Honor Of Jan Roberts

  • Mrs. Jeanine A Ringer In Memory Of Mrs. Jean Nicholas

  • Butch Karamon

  • kellie drinkhahn

  • Kevin Savitskie

  • Patricia M Devine In Memory Of Skye Stewart

  • Chase, Dylan & Jacks Wells

  • Jamie Schulman

  • Will and Betsy

  • Kathryn McLean

  • The Hunter's

  • Shannon Brennan

  • Mary L Maloney

  • Laura Kolis Holmes

  • Devin and Steve Slotkin

  • BJ Enright

  • Lauren Carroll (2)

  • Jackie & Ben Ferguson In Memory Of Jane "Mom" Zusman

  • Megan Gourley

  • Nicole Karbacz

  • Mindy, Dan, and James Amos

  • Mike Wynn (2)

  • Alexandra Clark

  • Katey Alatalo

  • LA2M

  • Jim Musial

  • Claire Hughes In Memory Of Susan Dowd

  • dee Davey

  • Miss Lauren Mack

  • Tony Spica

  • Chris & Cayna Stallman

  • Diane Murphy

  • Carly Atto

  • Dan B

  • Maxwell Krinke

  • Good Ruck Abby :)

  • Mrs. Heidi McCroskey Heimerl

  • Claire Bacigal

  • Paul and Patti Bacigal

  • Gregory Bentle In Memory Of Joyce E Walters

  • Ms. Samantha J Talbot

  • Ian and Erin

  • Kim and Brett Kopchitz

  • lauren devine

  • a friend of a friend on FB In Memory Of Leah James

  • Erin A Van Dusen

  • Ellie

  • Nathan Gardner

  • Suzanne Burger

  • Wesley Farrow

  • Rose Boileau (Phil's Mom) In Memory Of Mrs. Dorothy Zammitt

  • Andrew Riedy

  • Ron Sears

  • Meghan Wind

  • Jennifer L Harning In Memory Of Kevin M Prewitt

  • Mr. Nicholas C Stonerook

  • Joe Hubel

  • Daniela Kalota

  • Cara & Rob Pratt

  • Scott H. From GKIC

  • David S. from GKIC

  • Lisa M. from GKIC

  • Rex from GKIC

  • Jeff C. from GKIC (2)

  • Keller from GKIC

  • Patti J Doser

  • Deb Hill- Eric Bacyinski's Aunt In Memory Of Whitney Anderson

  • Diane Smith

  • James D. from GKIC

  • Daniel S. from GKIC

  • Kim J. from GKIC

  • Chris L. from GKIC

  • Dave A. from GKIC

  • Darren K. from GKIC

  • Kevin E. F. from GKIC

  • Joe H. from GKIC

  • Emily B

  • Miss Tessa K Wehrman In Honor Of Miss Isabella Santos

  • Dave Crabill

  • Jerry W. from GKIC

  • Linda A. from GKIC

  • Shannon Riley

  • TJ List

  • Corinne B. from GKIC

  • Pam Howard In Memory Of Mrs. Anna Marie Clever (Mom)

  • Ms. carolyn R brown (2)

  • Lesley Fawcett

  • Sally and Bob Evans

  • Angela Farrow

  • Patricia Wright

  • Janet Townsend

  • E. Bailey Martin In Honor Of Jessie J Wagner

  • Karen & Al Campbell

  • Robert and Cynthia Vercruysse

  • Mr. John G Lund In Honor Of Ms. Shaelyn Moyer

  • Sttphanie K Jackson

  • Victory Tax Solutions

  • Erin Williams

  • Leslie Wilkins

  • Kelly Bauschat

  • diane adams

  • John Badeen

  • KG

  • Garret Collins

  • Mr. Victor West

  • Betsy Taylor

  • Ms. Catherine Tartaglia

  • Mark and Sara Hovermale

  • Kristin Szlinis

  • Shaina Savino

  • Ms. Nicolle Kownacki

  • Jeremy & Kathy Borsos In Memory Of Andy Poselenzny

  • Carla Angeloni

  • Stephanie Russian

  • Chris Vraniak

  • Eileen Rowland

  • John McKay In Memory Of Matthew Green

  • Rob & Christine Snyder

  • Miss Elizabeth M Hurley

  • Ed and Verna

  • Millie McCurdy

  • Anne Nicole

  • Eddie Zelmand

  • Michelle and Jeffree St. John

  • Suzanne Stiles in honor of Pam Van Houten

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