Every kid deserves to grow up cancer free

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Join the largest private funder of childhood cancer research. Invest in the best research & help cure kids’ cancers.

Ways to Get Involved

Childhood cancer research is powered by you. Shave your head, start an event, or raise money your way.

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Be a part of the grassroots movement to make childhood cancer research funding a national priority.

Kids & Families
2016 $36,199,523
2015 $37,026,278

Meet our Ambassadors, see how families of kids with cancer can get involved or start a fund in memory of someone you love.

About St. Baldrick's

It started with a friendly dare: would you shave your head and donate money to kids’ cancer research? What happened next would change the world.

events & fundraisers
Thanks to our National Partner

The ultimate college head-shaving tournament is back! Does your school have what it takes to raise the most money for childhood cancer research? Sign up here.

Reasons to Start an Event

Head-shaving events are organized and run by volunteers. Want to start an event for your own community this year? Here are 5 reasons why that's a awesome idea!

Summer Grants Are Here

Did you know that $5,000 can change the lives of kids with cancer? It’s true — and you helped make it happen! Say hello to your 2016 Summer Fellows!

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer-powered charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy lives.

You give kids their best chance at a happy childhood, free of cancer

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is the world’s largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants. Since 2005, volunteers and donors like you have made it possible for us to grant over $200 million to help kids overcome cancer and get back to the important stuff, like splashing in rain puddles, playing armpit solos and giggling themselves silly.

Real cures for real kids
Childhood cancer doesn't discriminate.