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Morgan inspired many with her determination and will to survive. Throughout this journey Morgan, and her parents met many friends. Morgan, and all of her friends who have had to battle childhood cancer, are worth a great deal of determination and effort to find a better way!
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Morgan has come out on the winning side of her battle with a rare Rhabdoid tumor.

We continue to remain cautiously optimistic. We knew she had cancer on 9-5-2012, but were unable to get a final diagnosis due to the rarity of her type until 9-11-2012. Unfortunately, the reason she was diagnosed that quickly was because of a recent diagnosis, that took a month, of the same kind. She began chemotherapy 9-12-2012. So far Morgan has had the tumor removed, completed 28 radiation treatments and completed her final course of chemotherapy in June of 2013.

Since then, Morgan, like other children who have had their bodies submitted to the poisons that saved their lives, has dealt with some of the side effects that come with surviving the disease. Morgan's side effects have been mild and manageable. Manageable in the world of cancer is much different than that of healthy children. While Morgan has adjusted to this new normal, she and her family are thankful for organizations such as St. Baldrick's who won't settle for this kind of normal.

Morgan has had a wonderful support system that includes, family, friends, community, Dad Scott, Mom Melissa, and sisters Taylor and Carleigh. Together, they are all cheering Morgan and her friends on while she gives cancer the Full Morgi Smackdown. The hope is that more will join this movement, in the ways that they can, in order to continue to show their support for Morgan and all of her friends. While we wish we were alone in this journey, we aren't. Unfortunately, we will just continue to make more friends because of this disease and therefore we WILL BATTLE ON alongside St. Baldrick's.

Morgan and Friends Fund Highlights & Happenings

Morgan and Friends 2013 Team

Our 2013 Team

This is the story of how we raised more than $21,000 with our first St. Baldrick’s head-shaving team, and even more, the story of how we died Mom’s hair lime green!

Your Support Means So Much

These friends and family members helped us raise funds for childhood cancer research in honor of Morgan! See the 2015-2017 list.
Morgan and Friends 2015 Team

Our 2017 Team

This year we are back at it again! Check out more event details and register to fundraise with us. Let’s make this year the best ever.

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Where does the money go?

Donations made to the Morgan and Friends Fund have generously supported a St. Baldrick’s Fellow Grant for Nickhill Bhakta M.D. Dr. Bhakta is researching health challenges in long-term survivors at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is guided by a Scientific Advisory Committee, comprised of leading experts in the childhood cancer community, to ensure that every dollar makes the greatest impact for kids with cancer.


Who's involved?

These people make us smile - they’re the doers and money-raisers on behalf of the Morgan and Friends Fund. They’re shaving their heads, hosting events, starting fundraisers and more to make childhood cancer research possible.

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2018 Events for Morgan and Friends Fund

Buffalo Wild Wings Event Photo
    Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Apr 22nd, 2018
    • Alliance, OH
    • 267 participants
    • $96,397.32 raised

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    Get involved your own way:

    Start your own St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event to raise money on behalf of our Hero Fund! You’ll be paired with a staff member who will walk you through every step of the process, and you’ll have fun knowing you’re doing a great thing for kids with cancer.

    Register to shave your head and raise money for our Hero Fund at any St. Baldrick’s event happening around the world! Not finding an event near you? Register as a virtual shavee and shave your head anytime, anywhere.

    Head-shaving not your thing? You can start a fundraiser to raise money for our Hero Fund with St. Baldrick’s in a way that interests you! Like biking? Bike a marathon. Like baking? Start a cookie baking fundraiser… You get the picture.

    Need help? Email us at Funds@StBaldricks.org

    This event is private.

    Private events are for people at the company, organization, school, etc., where the event is taking place. Please don't crash the party.

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