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E. Anders Kolb M.D.
Funded: 07-01-2017 through 06-30-2018
Funding Type: Research Grant
Institution Location: Wilmington, DE
Institution: Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children of the Nemours Foundation

Recently the Meshinchi lab discovered that mesothelin, a cancer-specific antigen, is highly expressed in a subset of childhood AML cases, a result that both highlights the distinct genetic differences between adult and pediatric cancers and opens the door for the development of more targeted therapies. Dr. Kolb is developing novel combinations of bispecific T-cell engaging antibodies, called SMITEs (Simultaneous Multiple Interaction T-cell Engagers) that will co-target mesothelin and the AML marker CD33. These T-cell engaging protein pairs physically link cancer cells to cytotoxic T-cells resulting in more potent and selective killing than single agents alone.