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Daniel Lee M.D.
Funded: 07-01-2012 through 06-30-2018
Funding Type: St. Baldrick's Scholar
Institution Location: Charlottesville, VA
Institution: University of Virginia Children's Hospital

Based on progress to date, Dr. Lee, was awarded a new grant in 2016 to fund an additional year of this Scholar award. Immune cells can now be engineered to recognize and kill cancer cells, then administered to patients. Dr. Lee's project is one of the first to bring this promising new therapy to children with cancer. This research aims to discover how these cells work, how to better harness their potential and to determine which cell types are important for effective and persistent anti-tumor activity. Several clinical trials of this breakthrough therapy for children with cancer are scheduled to open at this institution and others in the next few years, and this work will increase the chance that these trials will be effective against childhood cancer. Awarded at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health and transferred to University of Virginia. A portion of the grant was generously supported by the Hope from Harper Hero Fund created to honor Harper Wehneman who passed away from Wilms tumor when she was 9 years old. This fund continues her legacy of inspiring joy and bringing hope to kids fighting cancer by funding research in the area of stem cell transplant survival.