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Soad Fuentes Alabi M.D.
Funded: 07-01-2013 through 06-30-2017
Funding Type: International Scholar
Institution Location: San Salvador, El Salvador
Institution: Hospital Nacional de NiƱos Benjamin Bloom

Based on progress to date, Dr. Fuentes Alabi was awarded a new grant in 2016 to fund an additional year of this International Scholar award. The majority of children with cancer live in countries with limited resources and yet we know very little about the types of pediatric cancer and their distribution in those settings. Studies suggest that the incidence of some types of childhood cancer is not the same among different ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Epidemiology studies focused on those unique areas of the world are very important because they can help improve our overall understanding of childhood cancers. This project aims to build epidemiology research capacity in Central America through the training of Dr. Fuentes Alabi.