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Health Effects after Anthracycline and Radiation Therapy (HEART Study) – A Children’s Oncology Group Study– - Consortium
Funded: 09-01-2012 through 08-31-2018
Funding Type: Consortium Research Grant
Institution Location: Seattle, WA
Institution: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center affiliated with Seattle Children's Hospital, University of Washington

Children with cancer can often be successfully treated with chemotherapy drugs that can unfortunately damage the heart in the process. Development of an effective method to prevent this type of injury while curing the cancer is very important. This consortium's goal is to give children successfully cured of cancer the greatest chance of having a completely healthy life afterwards, free of treatment-related side effects. The study is to determine whether a drug called dexrazoxane, which appears to be safe and effective in adults in preventing chemotherapy-related heart injury, can be similarly safe and effective when used in children. Funds administered by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.