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This Giving Tuesday,
Give Kids a Lifetime

Your gift can help save a life–
like Julia’s.

This one-of-a-kind girl is rarely seen without a super bright smile, even after fighting a brain tumor.

Diagnosed almost 7 years ago, Julia has fought through 3 major brain surgeries, five minor ones, chemotherapy and radiation. Today her tumor remains stable, and she remains a powerful, creative, faith-filled superhero.

With research supported by St. Baldrick’s, the 5-year survival rate of childhood cancers has improved. But kids need more than 5 years – they deserve a lifetime. And that’s what your Giving Tuesday donation can do.

Support the largest non-government funder of childhood cancer research grants. Give now and save a life!

Give Kids a Lifetime

Your gift can help save a life — like Benji’s.

Meet Benji, a 2-time cancer survivor at the age of 8.

Before his first birthday, Benji began a grueling 18 months of treatment for a rare brain tumor.

Then, just as he was about to reach the five-year survival milestone, his parents heard those four dreadful words again: “Your child has cancer” — this time in his thyroid. So, treatment began again.

Today, Benji is cancer-free. But like most young survivors, he will always face challenges caused by the very treatments that saved him. Hearing aids, glasses for early-stage glaucoma, inhalers, feeding therapy, speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy — and a lifetime risk of other health issues.

Nicknamed Super Benji, this boy loves baseball and wrestling, Marvel movies, family game nights, and superheroes. His family has been involved with St. Baldrick’s since 2016, and Benji’s mom Azalea, says, “There is never anything too big or small you can do to make a difference.”

Give to support research for new cures.
Give survivors like Benji a better life.

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Because kids can't wait for cures

Worldwide, more than 25,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer this month. They're counting on us to fund cures so they can grow up and live long, healthy lives. Phineas is just one of the many lives saved by childhood cancer research. He's living proof of the impact your donation makes.

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With oh so many charities to choose from, why should you support childhood cancer research with the St. Baldrick's Foundation?

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