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Leave Nothing to Chance

Fundraiser Date
Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2018


Your donations fund lifesaving children’s cancer research

$250 raised
$1,000 goal


Before they turn 20, about 1 in 285 children in the U.S. will have cancer. More children are lost to cancer in the U.S. than any other disease—in fact, more than many other childhood diseases combined.

Worldwide, a child is diagnosed every 2 minutes; and in the U.S., one in five will not survive. My son, Devon Tillman, (age 20) was “that one” in 2017, he died of Ewing’s Sarcoma on September 15th after 11 months of treatment. We want to change that, so we’re raising money to find cures.

Please support our efforts with a donation to the St. Baldrick's Foundation.This volunteer-driven charity funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government. Your gift will give hope to infants, children, teens and young adults fighting childhood cancers.

Devon’s motto was to “Leave Nothing to Chance”. So, when we ask for your support, we’re really asking you to support these kids and give them more efficient treatment options targeting childhood diseases rather than taking a chance on decades old adult treatments.

Devon R. Tillman
Age 20
Slidell, LA US
Diagnosed 10/6/16 - Ewing’s Sarcoma
Died 9/15/17
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Kids Honored

Devon Tillman
  • Slidell, LA US
  • Ewing sarcoma
  • Deceased

Donor List

  • $100 - $249

    Daniel Rogers

  • $1 - $99

    Dianna Lavidalie

  • Laine Gambrell

  • Scott Lindsly In Memory Of Pamela LIndsly

  • Salon Riviera In Honor Of Conner Tillman

  • Maxine Lindlsy In Memory Of Pamela Lindsly

Thank you to our National Partner

Funding lifesaving childhood cancer research has never been more important. Make a donation & save lives.