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What is the St. Baldrick's Foundation? What does the St. Baldrick's Foundation do? Where is the St. Baldrick's Foundation office? Where does the money go? Can my local hospital receive the money we raise at our event? What percentage of my money goes to research? Could you explain your expense ratio? Would you explain your ranking on sites like Charity Navigator? What is the review process for grants? Who receives the grants? Is there a real St. Baldrick? How did the St. Baldrick's Foundation get started? What are the St. Baldrick's Foundations Guiding Principles? Does the St. Baldrick's Foundation fund stem cell research? What else does the St. Baldrick's Foundation need? What's your privacy policy? I received a security warning while on the St. Baldrick's website. What does this mean?Where can I buy a St. Baldrick’s T-Shirt?


What is the St. Baldrick's Foundation?

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer and donor powered charity committed to supporting the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives.

What does the St. Baldrick's Foundation do?

The St. Baldrick's Foundation funds the most promising cancer research just for kids. St. Baldrick’s is the top private funder of childhood cancer research grants in the U.S. and around the world. Each year, thousands of volunteers worldwide organize fundraisers, such as our signature head-shaving events, to raise money to support life-saving childhood cancer research. St. Baldrick's events are the largest volunteer-powered fundraising opportunity benefiting pediatric cancer research.

Where is the St. Baldrick's Foundation's office?

Our office is located at: St. Baldrick's Foundation, 1333 Mayflower Ave., Suite 400, Monrovia, CA, 91016

Where does the money go?

Since 2005, St. Baldrick's has awarded more than $253 million to support lifesaving research, making the St. Baldrick's Foundation the largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants. St. Baldrick's funds are granted to some of the most brilliant childhood cancer research experts in the world – including the first Pediatric Cancer Dream Team – and to younger professionals who will be the experts of tomorrow. Funds awarded also enable hundreds of local institutions to participate in national pediatric cancer clinical trials, and the new International Scholar grants train researchers working in developing countries. You can learn more about our grants by visiting our Grants page.

Can my local hospital receive the money we raise at our event?

If your local hospital treats children with cancer, chances are, it has received funding from St. Baldrick's! Since 2005, St. Baldrick's has awarded more than $66.1 million to the Children's Oncology Group (COG), a cooperative research group with approximately 200 member institutions across the U.S. and beyond. In this way, the St. Baldrick's Foundation funds virtually every institution qualified to treat childhood cancers. There are also other types of funding available for pediatric cancer institutions. Please encourage your local institution to apply for a St. Baldrick's grant. For more information on the St. Baldrick's grant process, please see our Information for Researchers page or contact us.

What percentage of my money goes to research?

Of every dollar raised, 72% funds research to find a cure, 25% goes to fundraising (website, phones, postage, printing, t-shirts, office space, staff, etc.) and 3% goes to administration (accounting, distributing and monitoring grants, etc.). St. Baldrick's takes its responsibility to be efficient and good stewards of every dollar donated very seriously, and strives to put the most funding possible into the hands of researchers who can cure childhood cancers. View St. Baldrick's Expense Ratios.

Could you explain your expense ratio?

Of every dollar raised, 72% funds research to find a cure, 25% goes to fundraising and 3% goes to administration. The primary reasons for this expense ratio pertain to our fundraising events, as well as our brand awareness and profile building.

The St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event is an efficient fundraising event model and much less expensive compared to other models, such as galas or golf tournaments. But it still requires a large team of staff to support these events. Currently, 83% of the money raised is through these head-shaving events. St. Baldrick’s continues to work diligently to expand our fundraising methods to include other donor engagements that are less staff-intensive.

St. Baldrick’s decided that in order to raise more money (to then fund more research), the Foundation needed the public to better understand our mission and success to date. This way, more volunteers, and donors could be recruited to further expand our support of research. While our existing volunteers and donors know us, most of the public has never heard of St. Baldrick’s. The Foundation has been working with industry leaders to invest in messaging and content to introduce St. Baldrick’s to a wider audience. Once more people know St. Baldrick’s and our work, more money can be raised to support more research. This expense was a reinvestment in St. Baldrick’s brand awareness and works towards building a better public profile.

Would you explain your rankings on sites like Charity Navigator?

Up until this year, SBF had a three-star rating on Charity Navigator. In June of 2016, Charity Navigator changed the metrics by which they assess non-profits. Because SBF makes a commitment to the researchers we fund no matter what changes in the economy or in our fundraising, we bank all the funds we award in grants the moment we announce them. Which means, on our financial books, we take a large amount of what is referred to in accounting as liability. In most non-profits, liabilities are always considered a bad thing and that is how Charity Navigator looks at it as well. It means you have incurred debt that will need to be paid. However, in our case, we have the money in the bank, we are just waiting for the signed grant agreements in order to write the check and get the money working to find cures. Last year that number was over $20 million, so you can imagine what a huge number like that does to our score, but rest assured, we are committed to continuing to guarantee every grant we make, no matter how Charity Navigator rates us for it.

The Foundation manages to Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, as it takes a broader approach in its review. There are 20 standards that must all be met in order to earn accreditation by BBB Wise Giving Alliance. The 20 standards encompass the following categories – governance and oversight, measuring effectiveness, finances, and fundraising and informational materials. It is a far more comprehensive view of a non-profit’s real health.

What is the review process for grants?

St. Baldrick's review process for grants starts when a childhood cancer researcher submits a grant proposal. These are reviewed and rated by the St. Baldrick's panel of expert scientific advisors and grant reviewers, who make funding recommendations to our board of directors. The research applications are evaluated according to the highest scientific standards in use today. Final decisions are made by the Board. The review process is rigorous and handled with care to ensure that every dollar raised is spent on the research most likely to find cures for kids!

Who receives the grants?

St. Baldrick's awards grants to over 373 institutions for laboratory and clinical research and to help make clinical trials available to more children than ever, giving those children treatment that offers the best chance for a cure and long-term survival. St. Baldrick's also funds Fellows and Scholars, younger professionals who will be the experts of tomorrow. St. Baldrick's has awarded over $21.8 million in 2018 to fund pediatric oncology researchers for the following grant categories: research grants, career development awards (St. Baldrick's Scholars), fellowships, supportive care research grants, summer fellowships, consortium research grants, and international scholars.

Is there a real St. Baldrick?

To our knowledge, there's no real St. Baldrick. The name "St. Baldrick's" is a combination of the words "bald" and "St. Patrick's," since the first event was held in 2000 on March 17, which is St. Patrick's Day.

How did the St. Baldrick's Foundation get started?

The first St. Baldrick's event took place at Jim Brady's Bar and Restaurant in New York City. What began as a challenge between three friends on March 17, 2000, has grown into the world's largest volunteer-powered fundraising opportunity benefiting childhood cancer research.

What are the St. Baldrick’s Foundation's Guiding Principles?

Integrity — Awareness of the great trust constituents place in us as stewards of the funds they raise and as partners with them in the fight against childhood cancer – guides us every day.

Efficiency — A commitment to always operate in the most cost-effective manner possible so that the greatest number of dollars raised goes directly to fund childhood cancer research.

Impact — A sharp focus on the research and advocacy that will result in the fastest possible progress, to cure more children with cancer and to give survivors long and healthy lives.

Transparency — A pledge to be completely open with our volunteers understanding that it is only through their support of St. Baldrick’s that we are able to continue our vital mission.

Pioneering Spirit — A unique approach to fundraising that is bold and daring - the same qualities we look for in the doctors and researchers dedicated to finding the cure.

Sense of Fun — An experience that is both rewarding and fun, that people come back year after year, joining together to have a great time while supporting a very serious cause.

Does the St. Baldrick's Foundation fund stem cell research?

St. Baldrick's Foundation funds cannot be used for human embryonic stem cell research. This is not a statement on whether or not we think it should be supported; the decision is based on the fact that many of our donors and volunteers – our source of funds – would not be comfortable supporting it. Stem cell transplantations not using human embryonic stem cells – using cord blood or matched donors – are often used in treating childhood cancer patients, and our funds may be used in this non-controversial area of research.

What else does the St. Baldrick's Foundation need?

One St. Baldrick's top priorities is keeping expenses to an absolute minimum. Donations of goods or services that would otherwise come out of our budget are always welcome! Office supplies, current model computers, technical equipment, software, premium items like event T shirts or other giveaway items, or services including publicity, advertising space, printing, technical support, and more can be a big aid in keeping expenses down so more money can go to the cause. Additionally, corporate sponsors – companies that make donations to underwrite expenses or present growth opportunities – are very important to St. Baldrick's success. To propose a sponsorship or learn more, contact us.

What is your privacy policy?

St. Baldrick's takes your privacy very seriously, and we take measures to protect it through our technical and administrative practices. The St. Baldrick's Foundation does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise share information about donors, shavees or other participants with any other organization or individual. View our entire privacy policy here.

I received a security warning while on the St. Baldrick's website. What does this mean?

Rest assured, the St. Baldrick's website is secure. If you're receive this warning, it is likely due to the type of browser you're using (this has been experienced by users of Internet Explorer 6). It basically means that some of the information on the page you're viewing is pulled from a different type of connection than what you are using. This is not something to worry about, as Microsoft eventually dropped this warning from the default list in Internet Explorer 7 because there are so many websites using this type of page. If you would like to disable this warning from your version of Internet Explorer, click here.

Where can I buy a St. Baldrick's t-shirt?

St. Baldrick's t-shirts are available for purchase in the St. Baldrick's Online Store. There, you'll find apparel for the whole family – including the exclusive Marvel-designed "Super Heroes Save Lives" t-shirt – as well as St. Baldrick's-themed mugs, notebooks, key chains, and more.