One Couple’s Wedding Fundraiser Goes Big (and Bald) for Childhood Cancer

by Tamarra Lowry
January 5, 2015

Newlyweds Tamarra and Chris started their lives together by thinking of others. Have an idea for a fundraiser? Do What You Want and fund lifesaving research for kids with cancer.

Tamarra and Chris' wedding

Tamarra and her new husband, Chris, raised almost $2,400 with their wedding fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s.

Chris and I decided to do something big and out of the norm for our wedding.

Instead of gifts, we asked friends and family to donate to St. Baldrick’s and spread the word!

The best part? Shortly after our wedding, I shaved my entire head! Here’s the story.

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The Best Thing I Did All Year

by Jess Walter
August 7, 2014

After Jess braved the shave, she said, “It was a deeply emotional, fulfilling experience, and one I’d gladly repeat.” Read on to learn why.

Sometimes you need to let go
Sometimes you just have to let go. Of your hair, that is.

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One Decision Makes a Difference for Kids with Cancer

by Mary Rose Nieman
November 8, 2013

Mary Rose signed up as a virtual shavee℠ and had a head-shaving party for her 19th birthday. You can shave your head for kids with cancer wherever you are — be a virtual shavee!


Mary Rose before she shaved her head.

“Whoa, nice hairstyle,” I said to the girl next to me on the bus to camp.

She told me all about St. Baldrick’s and what she had done. I was awestruck and inspired. I wanted to shave my head for pediatric cancer awareness and make a difference for the cause, too!

But like the sophomore high school girl I was, my appearance and hair mattered far too much for me to act on inspiration. So for two years I pushed this idea of becoming a shavee out of my mind.

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High school girl shaves her head for kids with cancer

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 21, 2013

By Sarah H., St. Baldrick’s Shavee

Something BIG just happened in my life.

On February 16, I shaved my head for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, in order to promote solidarity between kids with cancer and people without, to raise money for a cure, and to be a “walking billboard” for the cause!

This isn’t just any kind of fundraiser. This is me asking for any donation you may be able to give, to help save a kid’s LIFE. To help find a cure for an ugly disease that doesn’t have the right to take as many people as it does.

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Bad Hair Day Turned Fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Research

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
January 29, 2013


St. Baldrick’s participant Rachel Boucher shares how she turned one bad hair day into $11,000 for childhood cancer research.

Working with children is my passion. Being around kids makes me calm and inspired. All of my stresses seem to be pushed aside when I look at the world through their eyes.

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