What Is Neuroblastoma?

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
September 1, 2017
what is neuroblastoma

What is neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is a type of childhood cancer that develops in nerve tissue outside of the central nervous system. It usually begins in the adrenal gland on top of the kidney, but it can be found anywhere along the spine.

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Do What You Want

VIP of the Ball Fights Cancer With a Smile and Two Thumbs Up

by Avis Matsuda, St. Baldrick's Foundation
August 25, 2017

Meet Zein, a goofy, laid back kid with a sunny attitude. Despite his ongoing battle with neuroblastoma, he’ll be VIP at the St. Baldrick’s Ever After Ball fundraiser this weekend. But honestly, he’s a VIP in our hearts all the time. Read on to learn why…

Zein goofs around at the hospital

Zein goofs around at the hospital during treatment for neuroblastoma.

When Honored Kid Zein grows up, he wants to invent a food that heals cancer and allows kids to get better without getting sick from chemo or having to swallow pills.

This very cool idea is brought to you by a 10-year-old boy that his mom, Radwa, called “the most chill kid” you’ll ever meet. Zein is “silly, humble, super kind and loves to be there for everybody else,” she added.

Even before the cancer.

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Kids with Cancer

The 3-Year-Old Champion: Isabella’s Story [VIDEO]

by Erinn Jessop, St. Baldrick's Foundation
June 5, 2017

Isabella is a prizefighter in a tiny, 3-year-old body, knocking out childhood cancer with a smile. Read on to learn more about this incredible puzzle-loving girl, her shining spirit, and her unique childhood cancer journey.


Isabella was diagnosed with neuroblastoma last year and is currently completing her treatment.

Isabella’s favorite song suits her so perfectly that it could be the theme to her own story.

It’s the eye of the tiger
It’s the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival

That’s right. The 3-year-old is obsessed with “Eye of the Tiger,” the theme song to the ultimate American underdog story, Rocky. Her mom, Jennifer, often jokes that sometimes during treatment Isabella needs a little Rocky inspiration.

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Childhood Cancer Changed Everything: The Story of Team Tuesday

by Erinn Jessop, St. Baldrick's Foundation
May 22, 2017

Tuesday and her twin sister, Piper, were born on time and healthy. The whole Whitt family was, as mom Jessica put it, happy and healthy, with rarely a cold. But in 2008, childhood cancer would change everything.

Tuesday smiles while wearing a white hat

Tuesday Whitt was almost 2 years old when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

When identical twins Tuesday and Piper were a year and a half old, Jessica noticed something odd. The girls didn’t look so alike anymore. While Piper looked plump, pink and healthy, Tuesday didn’t. The usually precocious little girl just wasn’t herself.

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‘Strength Has Nothing to Do With Size’: My Daughter’s Childhood Cancer Journey

by Peter Ieraci
February 3, 2017

At just 21 months old, Honored Kid Isabella was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. But this devastating news was just the beginning of a long journey of treatments and surgeries that stole precious time from Isabella and her family. Her dad, Peter, explains what it was like.

isabella and her dad

“Your child has cancer.”

These are the words we heard on June 12, 2015, and life hasn’t been the same since.

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Kids with Cancer

Meet Princeton

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
January 5, 2017

It started with a swollen eye that wouldn’t get better. Then, Princeton’s parents found a large, hard lump on the side of his head. In late December 2011, at 2 years old, Princeton was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma.

2017 ambassador Princeton

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Meet Your 2016 Battle of the Bald Champion

by Lauren Feller, St. Baldrick's Foundation
December 15, 2016

37 events, thousands of participants, and over $235,000 raised for childhood cancer research — it’s safe to say the ultimate college head-shaving showdown had a successful second season. But who came out on top in this year’s Battle of the Bald? The results are in — read more to find out!

2016 Battle of the Bald event at UCSC

All images courtesy of Laurie Aiello

With her son Grant in her lap, her father getting shaved in the seat next to her, and her daughter helping guide the razor, Katrina Learned’s head-shave became more than a fundraiser — it was a moving family moment.

Katrina was the top fundraiser at the event, raising just over $14,000 for childhood cancer research and helping propel the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute event to the top of the charts for the second annual Battle of the Bald.

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Kids with Cancer

Childhood Cancer Life: My Day With Hazel [PHOTO ESSAY]

by Alison Sutton, St. Baldrick's Foundation
September 9, 2016

A few days ago, we brought you the childhood cancer story of Hazel, the sweet 5-year-old who loves tea parties, playing dress-up, and who’s fighting neuroblastoma for the second time. Shortly after her family learned her cancer was back, St. Baldrick’s staffer Alison Sutton went to the hospital with Hazel and her mom for her first day back in treatment. Alison tells the story below.

Hazel Hammersley

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A Real Chance at Life: Rex’s Story

by Erinn Jessop, St. Baldrick's Foundation
September 2, 2016

This month marks three years since Rex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and the 4-year-old and his family are celebrating. Why? Because thanks to a St. Baldrick’s-funded immunotherapy treatment, Rex still shows no evidence of disease. Read on for more about rambunctious Rex and his incredible childhood cancer journey.

Rex smiles at the camera

Rex was diagnosed with childhood cancer when he was just 18 months old. Now he’s a high-energy, fun-filled 4-year-old.

For 4-year-old Rex, everything is go big or go home.

“He runs everywhere. He doesn’t just take steps, he leaps. He doesn’t have an inside voice, just an outside voice. He throws everything, breakable or not,” his mom, Lesley, said.

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For All the Moms Missing Their Babies on Mother’s Day

by Robyn Raphael, Director of Corporate Relations
May 8, 2016

For Robyn, Mother’s Day has never been the same since she lost her son Keaton to neuroblastoma 18 years ago. Read on for a special message she has for the other moms who share her pain on Mother’s Day.

Keaton and Robyn by flowers

Robyn embraces Keaton in the backyard.

It was an early November morning after 22 hours of labor when I looked into the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen.

At that moment, I knew my life had changed forever. We named him Keaton and he was going to make his mark in this world.

As Keaton took his first breath, I never in my wildest nightmares imagined I would witness his last.

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