A Lexus Bold IS Story: The Day I Met Max

by Brian Bolain
March 3, 2014

Brian Bolain, Lexus Corporate Marketing Manager, recounts his experience working with Honored Kid Max for the Lexus Bold IS promotion.


Brian with Max after filming the Lexus Bold IS promotional video.

I met Max on February 11 and he told me he was “6 and a half” years old. The next day, he turned 7.

As we sang Happy Birthday to Max, I realized that time moves very slowly when you’re a kid, and he was very proud of that “half” on his age. He has every right to be. At his young age, Max has had numerous surgeries for a brain tumor and is about to undergo another round of treatment to try to conquer his childhood cancer.

Stories like Max’s make me proud Lexus is working with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for the Lexus Bold IS promotion. Kids like Max and their families don’t have any choice but to be bold when it comes to facing challenges. Through this promotion, we’re encouraging people to show solidarity with kids with cancer by being bold and shaving their heads.

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Lexus BOLD IS: Be Bold. Be a Shavee. Win $2,500. [VIDEO]

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
March 3, 2014

Attention shavees, car fans, or anyone who wants to strike gold this March:

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation and Lexus are on the scout for bold people willing to shave their heads and film an Instagram video for the chance to win $2,500!

Here’s what you have to do:

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Back to School: Kids With Cancer Have an Uphill Climb

by Audra DiPadova Wilford
September 16, 2013

Max, better known as SuperMax, is 7 years old and fighting a brain tumor. His mom, Audra, explains why awareness AND action are so important for children with cancer. Learn more about a quick and easy way you can take action to help kids like Max.


SuperMax on his first day of first grade.

SuperMax started first grade this month. His school is up in the foothills. We have to drive to get there. We parked and walked up a number of hills, already overheating at 8:15 a.m.

Max teetered under the weight of his backpack. I relieved him of the task, replacing the backpack with his lunch bag. He walked slowly, losing balance here and there, grasping hard onto my hand.

I’m reminded that this uphill climb is and will be his life, for whatever time we have, however long we have.

Max is a childhood cancer survivor. He faces a lifetime of resulting challenges, and the persistence of recurrence. He faces every day with joy and enthusiasm, regardless of cancer. But for Max and 3 of 5 children diagnosed with pediatric cancer, the mountain of survivorship is arduous and often relentless.

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Why I Give

Giving Thanks: Why This Year Is Different

by Audra DiPadova Wilford
November 20, 2012

Like most families, we reflect on giving thanks more at this time of year than any other, but these past two Thanksgivings have been different. As soon as our son Max was diagnosed with childhood cancer, things were different.

We immediately gave thanks to our incredible neurosurgeon who saved Max’s life and to the PICU doctors and nurses for their tremendous care and humanity. We gave thanks for having the opportunity to take Max home when the baby girl in the room next to us would not ever return home in her parents’ arms. When cancer struck our family, we found ourselves giving thanks, and giving back, more than ever before.

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Do What You Want

The MaxLove Story

by Audra DiPadova Wilford
November 20, 2012

I remember the summer of 2011 in two parts. The first is filled with zoo visits, birthday parties, hot days at the beach, soccer, and looking forward to pre-K. The second half began on August 5, the day my son Max was diagnosed with brain cancer.

As Max was shuttled into brain surgery, we texted close friends and family, unable or unwilling to actually speak with anyone, and my friend, Diana responded right away. She became a constant source of comfort.

After Max came home from the hospital, Diana and her daughters visited for a play date. While the kids played, I showed Diana a hat I bought for Max – he was just starting to lose his hair. It was a light bulb moment, a fortuitous chance encounter. Diana is a leader in the headwear apparel industry and that day, we decided to make headwear to help kids fighting cancer. MaxLove was born at the kitchen counter.

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