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Let’s Take Childhood Back From Cancer: Our Latest Campaign

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 1, 2017
let's take childhood back from cancer

Neuroblastoma. Immunotherapy. Malignant.

These are words no child should know.

Unfortunately, kids with cancer know them all too well.

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‘Kids Are Special’: An Honest Reaction From a Bereaved Cancer Mom

by Amy Bucher, St. Baldrick's Foundation Board Member
May 2, 2016

When Amy Bucher, St. Baldrick’s board member and mom to Honored Kid Arden, first saw our new brand awareness campaign celebrating happy, healthy childhoods, she wasn’t a fan. But now, two weeks before her second shave with St. Baldrick’s, she shares how she came to embrace it — and why supporting childhood cancer research is more important now than ever.

Arden being silly during her chemo treatment

Arden acting silly during her chemo treatment in 2007.

“Um… Can I be completely honest with you?”

I had a strong emotional reaction to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s new brand awareness campaign when I first saw it at our June board meeting last year.

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Why I’m Over the Sad Cancer Commercials

by Bill Gerber
March 10, 2016

“I don’t need to be reminded of how terrible it is when a child is sick,” writes Bill Gerber, St. Baldrick’s board member and father to 2012 Ambassador Teddy. Read on for why this cancer dad is tired of seeing sad cancer commercials — and how St. Baldrick’s is giving his family hope.

Teddy smiling

Teddy was one of St. Baldrick’s 2012 Ambassadors.

I’m watching TV and a sad commercial comes on. A young child with no hair, gaunt and weak, hooked up to an IV. A solemn voice is about to ask me for money.

I turn the channel.

I don’t need to be reminded of how terrible it is when a child is sick. My son Teddy died in my arms from childhood cancer.

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Our New Branding Initiative Celebrates Childhood, Armpit Farts and All

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
November 17, 2015

We’re changing the narrative of childhood cancer with a new brand awareness campaign.

Kids are special. Let's treat them that way.

Today, we’re excited to share our new brand awareness campaign that’s all about celebrating kids!

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