Announcing St. Baldrick’s 2015 Summer Grants

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
July 16, 2015

We have some big news that will have you jumping through the sprinkler with joy.

St. Baldrick's Foundation childhood cancer research grants

Summer has arrived and so have St. Baldrick’s Summer Grants!

Today we are awarding a whopping $21.2 million in new research grants to scientists across the globe. That’s 70 grants in 48 states and 11 countries, going to researchers making incredible gains in the fight against childhood cancer.

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Clinical Trials Open Doors for Kids With Cancer at Border Town Clinic

by Erinn Jessop, St. Baldrick's Foundation
April 20, 2015

When the Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children’s Cancer and Hematology Clinic opened in the border town of McAllen, Texas, it offered care that otherwise would have been out of reach for many kids with cancer in the area. Today its young patients have the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research — the clinic, with the support of St. Baldrick’s grants, was accepted into the Children’s Oncology Group, or COG, and is now conducting COG clinical trials.

A nurse at the Vannie Cook clinic in McAllen, Texas, laughs with Alma, a patient there who has now finished treatment.

Alma, a nurse at the Vannie Cook clinic in McAllen, Texas, laughs with Leidy, a patient there who has now finished treatment.

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What is a CRA?

by Rebecca Bernot, St. Baldrick's Foundation
December 16, 2014

An inside look at what St. Baldrick’s Infrastructure Grants are really doing. See all the 2014 Fall Grants.

Kelly Clickner, R.N., assisting a pediatric oncology patient at Albany Medical Center

Kelly Clickner assists a patient enrolled in a clinical trial at Albany Medical Center. They were able to hire Kelly as a full-time CRA with their first St. Baldrick’s Infrastructure Grant in 2007.

You’ve probably already heard that most of our Infrastructure Grants fund a clinical research associate, or CRA, who makes it possible for more childhood cancer research to happen. But what exactly does a CRA do? To get an inside look, we sat down with Dr. Vikramjit Kanwar, who has received a St. Baldrick’s Infrastructure Grant every year since 2007, and Kelly Clickner, R.N., the CRA whose salary is funded by the grant.

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Infrastructure Grant Keeps Clinical Trials Open in Detroit

by Erinn Jessop, St. Baldrick's Foundation
November 6, 2014

Today we announced the 2014 St. Baldrick’s Infrastructure Grants, totaling more than $2.5 million to 40 institutions across the United States. Read on to see how one of our grants is helping keep clinical trials open to children with cancer in Detroit, Michigan. You make these grants happen. Donate today.

St. Baldrick's Infrastructure Grant is helping keep clinical trials open in Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Wang and her team with the COG Research Program at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit received a St. Baldrick’s Infrastructure Grant. Photo by Shawn Wilson.

Located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, Children’s Hospital of Michigan (CHOM) often treats patients who are underserved, uninsured, and living under the poverty line.

That same population is often underrepresented in clinical studies, making the program run by St. Baldrick’s Infrastructure Grant recipient Dr. Joanne Wang even more essential in helping all children with cancer.

But opening and then maintaining those trials on a shoestring budget and with a stretched staff is a challenge.

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2014 Fall Grants: One Step Closer to a Cure for Kids’ Cancer

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
November 6, 2014

Fall means pumpkins, apple cider, and crunchy leaves. And here at St. Baldrick’s, it means another round of childhood cancer research grants!

St. Baldrick's Foundation Fall 2014 Infrastructure Grants
We’re excited to announce the 2014 St. Baldrick’s Infrastructure Grants, totaling more than $2.5 million awarded to 40 institutions across the United States.

Combined with more than $24.7 million awarded in July to fund cutting-edge research, these new grants bring the total awarded in 2014 to more than $27.2 million, all made possible by our tireless shavees, volunteers, and donors.

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Thank You for Funding Childhood Cancer Research

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
June 17, 2014

At a time when the federal government is tightening its budget, childhood cancer research funding is growing increasingly scarce.

Here at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, we’re working hard to fill the funding gap — and we couldn’t do it without you.

Our dedicated grantees appreciate every hour, hair, and dollar you sacrifice to help them help kids with cancer. Here’s what some of them had to say.

'Every kid should have the opportunity to grow up and become whatever she or he wants. Thank you for helping make this simple dream come true.' Kenan Onel, M.D., Ph.D., St. Baldrick's research grant recipient

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Funding First-Rate Children’s Cancer Research With St. Baldrick’s Summer Grants

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
May 29, 2014


There is something more exciting than barbecues, beach balls, and sprinklers in the summertime at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Every summer, childhood cancer research grants are awarded to the best and most-promising researchers and institutions in the world — bringing us one step closer to a cure for childhood cancers.

Here’s how our grant funding cycles work:

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Fundraising Tips

7 Steps to Building a St. Baldrick’s Event from a Veteran VEO

by Rebecca Bernot, St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 24, 2014

A San Antonio VEO shares his tips and tricks.


Paul and his sons with Aubrey, a childhood cancer survivor, at a St. Baldrick’s event in San Antonio last year.

It all started with a poster in a Starbucks.

That’s how volunteer event organizer (VEO) Paul Harris first heard about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The flyer advertising a head-shaving event to benefit childhood cancer research right there in San Antonio looked especially appealing to Paul’s two young boys, Coda and Wyland, who were excited to sign up as shavees.

Not knowing what to expect, Paul and his sons showed up on the big day, and they were hooked.

Participating in a St. Baldrick’s event in March was something Paul and his sons looked forward to every year after that. They drove to Austin for the Dell Children’s Medical Center event three years in a row when there wasn’t a St. Baldrick’s event in their hometown. The following year, Paul made it his New Year’s resolution to bring St. Baldrick’s back to San Antonio.

The March 2014 San Antonio event will mark Paul’s third year as a VEO. He shares his advice for new VEOs, veteran VEOs looking to grow their event, or anyone considering starting their own St. Baldrick’s tradition.

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Working With Heart: St. Baldrick’s Researcher Survived Childhood Cancer as a Teen

by Rebecca Bernot, St. Baldrick's Foundation
January 28, 2014

At 35, Dr. Greg Aune underwent emergency heart surgery to repair the consequences of the childhood cancer treatment he endured as a teen. Now, with support from St. Baldrick’s, he’s working in the lab to understand exactly how chemotherapy damages the heart — and how we can protect kids with cancer from the deadly long-term health consequences of their treatment.


Dr. Aune was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma when he was 16. He is now a pediatric oncologist and a St. Baldrick’s infrastructure grant recipient.

Sometimes things happen that cause you to question your life’s direction. Something like a devastating diagnosis can compel you to reevaluate your career, even making you switch gears entirely to go down a path you never imagined you’d be on.

This happened to Dr. Aune twice in less than 20 years.

As a physician-scientist, Dr. Aune regularly treats kids with cancer of all ages in the South Texas Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program in San Antonio. He also studies the long-term effects of chemotherapy on the heart. And his St. Baldrick’s infrastructure grant is helping him and his colleague, Dr. Helen Parsons, to expand the survivorship clinic to better provide adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients with treatment appropriate for their unique needs.

But Dr. Aune said he probably wouldn’t have gone to medical school had he not experienced childhood cancer firsthand. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma at 16 and underwent surgery followed by multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation before he was declared cancer free.

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Iowa Community’s Fundraising Efforts Earn Research Grant for Local Hospital

by Rebecca Bernot, St. Baldrick's Foundation
December 20, 2013

Blank Children’s Hospital receives a St. Baldrick’s infrastructure grant for the first time.

Last year, something happened to Brian Lohse that experts say is much less likely than getting struck by lightning or eaten by a shark. He won the lottery.

And it wasn’t just any lottery — he and his wife, Mary, won the Iowa Powerball jackpot and walked away with $90.9 million, the largest cash payout in the history of their state lottery.

Instead of buying a NASCAR team or squandering it away in the casino, as some quasi-famous lottery winners have been known to do, the Lohses established a private foundation to divvy out a portion of their earnings to charity.

Having participated in St. Baldrick’s events as a shavee since 2010, St. Baldrick’s was an easy pick for a beneficiary, according to Brian. “My wife and I have three kids of our own, and the mission to help kids with cancer and to find a cure is something that I support fully,” he said.

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