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Running for Gold: A Heroes for Hannah Fundraiser

by Nikki Callender
April 2, 2014

Three Cayman Islands moms ran a half marathon to raise money for children’s cancer research in honor of Hannah, a 6-year-old girl battling medulloblastoma. Start your own fundraiser to help kids with cancer!


Hannah inspired three moms to run a half marathon and raise money for kids’ cancer research.

There are two things you should know about me: I’m not a morning person and I’m not a runner.

As the mother of two young children who are not the world’s greatest sleepers, it feels deeply counter-intuitive to struggle from my duvet during the hours of darkness when I’m not being beckoned from my sleep by a small, distressed voice.

And running — well, it’s hard work, isn’t it? Particularly when it’s 80 degrees at 5 a.m. and the humidity makes it feel closer to 95.

So, it would take something pretty big to will me from my king-size slumber and run.

It was. I met a child with cancer.

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The Sanders Family Launches a Hero Fund to Cure Childhood Cancer [PHOTO ESSAY]

by Judy Sanders
October 17, 2013

Harold and Judy Sanders, with their son, Kevin, started a Hero Fund in honor of Alan (affectionately known as “Mister Cheeks”) who passed away from childhood cancer at the age of 5. On September 22, 2013, the Sanders family invited their friends to join them in launching Alan’s Hero Fund at a rocket launch fundraiser. Judy recounts the day with photographs by Julie Kelley.

We were so happy to be able to establish Alan’s Hero Fund this summer as a way to commemorate his life and continue his fight. Though we had participated in a couple of head-shaving events since we lost Alan in January, we wanted to do something to mark the creation of this fund, something that was more personal to our family and to Alan’s life.

One thing we often did as a family, and often with friends, was launch model rockets. Alan enjoyed the opportunities to wander the open fields and because he loved numbers so much, he always looked forward to the countdown to each launch. A model rocket launch event was a perfect choice for launching this Hero Fund.

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Heroes for Hannah: Cayman Islands Community Comes Together to Cure Childhood Cancer

by Rebecca Bernot, St. Baldrick's Foundation
October 9, 2013


Hannah with her parents, Nigel and Gaylene. Hannah is 6 years old and battling anaplastic medulloblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

If you want an example of just how much can be achieved when an entire community comes together in support of a common cause, look at what happened last month in the Cayman Islands.

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Happy Birthday, Sara!

by Joe and Erin Martorano
October 8, 2013

Sara was diagnosed with stage 4 Wilms tumor in November 2008. Today she is celebrating her 9th birthday! Photos by Flashes of Hope.

She gives second chances.

She loves crispy bacon.

She doesn’t shy away from an audience.

She has a kind heart.

She likes glitz & sparkle.

She falls asleep at night in five seconds.

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