What to Do If Your Event Has Been Rescheduled or Canceled

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
March 13, 2020

UPDATE: Like all of you, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is well aware of the concerns regarding large public gatherings across the country. In light of COVID-19 and our concerns for the well-being of the entire St. Baldrick’s community, especially the most vulnerable among us, the Foundation’s Board of Directors has adopted the latest CDC guidance for public events.  As Foundation practices never override civil laws, regulations, or public health policies and recommendations, effective immediately, all St. Baldrick’s head shaving events should be postponed to May 15 or later.  While we all hope it will not be necessary, we will monitor CDC guidelines in the event it becomes necessary to extend that deferral. If you have not yet been notified of any changes to the status of your event, please check the event’s page to see if the date has changed, or send your VEO an email and request an update. Their contact information is located on the event page by the event details.

If Your Event Status Has Changed

St. Baldrick’s supporters are a passionate bunch, and we know you’ve been looking forward to your head-shaving event all year, you’ve been busy planning, fundraising, and getting psyched up for the big day. So, we understand your disappointment if your event will not proceed as planned.

As you may know, approximately 90% of our annual revenue to fund childhood cancer research is raised by participants at head-shaving events like yours at this time of year. This funding is key to ensure that our summer grants — our largest grant cycle of the year — are able to meet the demand to help kids with cancer.

If your event has been rescheduled, it may not be ideal, but let’s find the silver lining here — you now have more time to fundraise and make an even bigger impact!

If your event has been canceled or rescheduled and you are unable to attend on the revised date, try not to be too bummed out about it — it’s important to know that you can still help kids with cancer!

You Can Become a Virtual Shavee!

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Here’s how:

  • Shave at home (using clippers) or at your local barber shop/salon. Be sure to let your event organizer know you won’t make the new date, but that you are shaving on your own so they can coordinate getting your shirt and pin to you. Their contact information is on the event page.
  • Update your participant page and let your supporters know you will be shaving a on your own.
  • If you haven’t already, create a Facebook Fundraiser from your participant dashboard to reach more friends and let them know you are still raising funds for childhood cancer research.
  • Live stream or post a video of you shaving your head – make sure to tag St. Baldrick’s and hashtag #StBaldricks and #DFYchildhoodCancers.
  • If you have collected cash or checks from your donors, please refer to the “How to submit your donations” section of the “Shavee Tips” page, for information on how to submit these donations.
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Thank you so much for your continued support to #DFYchildhoodCancers during St. Baldrick’s  20th head-shave anniversary year.

Still have questions? Please contact us at shaveehelp@stbaldricks.org. Your friends at St. Baldrick’s.

Join us today and #DFYchildhoodCancers!


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