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12 Ways You Can Help Kids with Cancer in December

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
December 3, 2020

Ah, ‘tis the holiday season! We know it’s a busy time and times are a bit different this year, but you can easily bring joy without buying a toy and raise money for kids’ cancer research. No matter how you plan to celebrate, there’s no wrong or right, check out the 12 ideas below to make the occasion merry and bright. We’re so glad you’re here, so much so we want to cheer, happy holidays to all and to all a good year!

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1. Holiday Soiree.

Casual Friday’s (or every day!) may be the norm this year, but if you’re looking for an excuse to dress up, why not host a virtual holiday gala? For a suggested donation, prep an ingredients basket with your favorite holiday recipes so you all can enjoy the same foods, and don’t forget to decorate the stage. Provide a theme and compare whose turned out better, from the comfort of your own homes. 

2. Deck the Halls (and Home) Tour.

Ask neighbors or friends within the area to decorate their homes. For an entry fee, judges will come to each address to view the home (socially distanced of course!). Photo submissions must be given prior to the day and best in show will receive a lawn sign for all to see! Be sure to add a logo and link to the Foundation for viewers to learn more.

3. Let it Snow.

The snow looks pretty when it’s falling, but no one likes the sight of a snow-covered driveway, especially when they have someplace to be. Why not offer to shovel driveways for a donation to the cause? The amount you ask for can vary based on the size of the driveway and the snowfall, but just make sure that people know where the money’s going. If you live someplace warmer where it doesn’t snow but the leaves are still falling, you can rake leaves instead!

4. Sweet Sufganiyot (Jelly Donut) Sales.

Let’s face it: Baking is not for everyone, especially when it comes to traditional sweets most often eaten during Hanukkah. Consider offering your skills in exchange for a donation, and don’t worry, your secret recipe will remain safe, but sharing the joy will be plentiful!

5.  Merry and Bright Cards.

Give the gift of childhood cancer research by donating in someone’s honor. Better yet, try asking coworkers to do the same. Provide blank cards for families to decorate, collect both the contribution and cards, and then send the finished product to a senior center. You can spread cheer in more ways than one this holiday season!

6. White Elephant and Ugly Sweaters.

Turn your virtual ugly sweater holiday party into a fundraiser for kids with cancer! It’s that simple. Encourage homemade versions and vote for who has the best “worst” sweater. In addition to asking for a donation to join, ask local shops and restaurants to donate a gift card, and use it as a white elephant gift, allowing participants to make a “steal” for an extra donation.

7. Santa’s Photo(shop).

Are you great with photoshop? Since Santa may not be available this time of year, why not offer services to create holiday backdrops. Think winter themes for a classic layout or use holiday movies for a fun twist! What a perfect way to commemorate a unique year. 

8. Holiday Elves Services.

Let’s face it – putting up the tree is fun and all, but getting rid of the tree can take some effort. Offer your services in exchange for a donation to gather trees around your neighborhood and bring them to a recycling center to be turned into mulch for repurposing. Provide a menu of other tasks such as putting away lights and packing up decorations for an extra fee.

9. Carole-oke.

If you think the best way to share holiday cheer is singing for all to hear, then you’re right! Organize a night of virtual fun with all the best holiday hits. Singers can belt out their favorite tunes – but here’s the catch, they all must be traditional carols. Play host and while each performer has the spotlight, be sure to share the fundraising link with the audience!

 10. Spaghetti Dessert with “Buddy the Elf”. 

Who says you can’t have dessert for dinner? Challenge friends and family to invent their own version of sweet spaghetti like the one seen in the movie Elf.  Make sure there are a variety of toppings such as strawberry “marinara” sauce or cookies for “meatballs” and have a show and tell at the end. Let there be awards for “most creative” or “most realistic”. The award for best tasting can take place in each home!

11. Ornament Swap.  

Reach out to a local craft or discount store to see if they will donate ornaments. If not, provide these baubles to others or ask participants to provide their own. Then display the ornaments in a common area such as office lobby or school library window. For a donation, designate a time and allow participants to add their ornament and take one in return. Make sure to hang a couple with gift card codes attached for those who made it on the “good list”.

12. Holiday Cocktail Class.

If you’re thinking about hosting any festivities, why not go virtual with a mixology course? Ask for donations to attend, and once received, send out a link and provide a poll with the beverage choices to each guest. Make sure that all selections include a non-alcoholic version. This is perfect for New Year’s Eve to reminisce about the year, then cheers to a new one!

Start a ho-ho-holiday fundraiser for kids with cancer today and help #ConquerKidsCancer.

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