Our New Branding Initiative Celebrates Childhood, Armpit Farts and All

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
November 17, 2015

We’re changing the narrative of childhood cancer with a new brand awareness campaign.

Kids are special. Let's treat them that way.

Today, we’re excited to share our new brand awareness campaign that’s all about celebrating kids!

For the next year, you’ll see TV, print, radio, digital and billboard placements featuring kids being kids — fun-loving, carefree, goofy kids.

By focusing on kids being their true selves, we’re taking the power away from the cancer label.

We’re reminding us all that WE have the power to give children the happy childhoods they deserve.

Kids are special. Let’s treat them that way.

The images:

You’ll see these online and in airports, bus stop terminals, magazines and billboards. When you do, we’d love to know! Snap a pic and share it with the hashtag #KidsAreSpecial.

kids being kids collage

The manifesto:

Kids. Children. Little Ones. Rug Rats. Offspring.

Whatever you want to call them, you have to admit these people are the most remarkable creatures on the planet.

At the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, we focus on CELEBRATING kids. Not pitying them, or feeling guilty that they get ill, but celebrating them.

And by revering kids, we heighten the urgency to care for them. And care for them with proper treatment.

As adults, we have the power to do something remarkable for kids. Like helping find breakthrough treatments for childhood cancers. New treatments designed specifically for kids.

Let’s celebrate kids.

Let’s do the research to find treatments just for them.

Let’s find cures for their cancers.

The commercials:

Catch them during your favorite TV show or before the video you’re streaming.

Tag, you’re it!

We want to see YOUR silly, goofy, kids-being-kids photos and videos! Join in the fun by tagging your funny kid posts with #KidsAreSpecial.

Kids are special — and we treat them that way. Join us.

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