by St. Baldrick's Foundation
April 20, 2012

Kelly and her brother, Justin. Rachel Kemble Photography

A story written by Kelly shortly before her brother, Justin, a St. Baldrick’s 2012 Ambassador, was diagnosed with childhood cancer for the fifth time.

Imagine having cancer four times. My little brother has had cancer four times, and since he was 3, he has tried to defeat it.

He is 8 now, almost 9, and is suffering from his fourth cancer. He is great at so many things, but the best is having a nice soul, overcoming challenges, and working hard.

First, Justin is great at being nice. He knows if he is nice other people, they will be nice back. Whenever Justin gets money in the mail, he always splits it with me and my sister, Kayla. One day he was in the hospital, and he got a package. He kept everything inside the package but one thing — an iPod. He had one already but I didn’t since I dropped mine in water. He gave me the iPod.

Also, he is very good at overcoming problems. Because of his cancer, Justin can’t go to school most of the time. When he does go, he gets his missed work and does them. I help Justin with most things, but soon he gets it. He struggles with spelling, but when he takes a final test, he gets everything right.

Last, he is very hard working. He never gives up on fighting cancer. He gets poked with needles but comes back to do his best on his work. He’s great at making friends too. Everyone I know likes Justin. Imagine having a heroic brother like that. I am blessed and so is he.