Do What You Want

Connect Your Fundraiser to a Head-Shaving Event

by Lauren Feller, St. Baldrick's Foundation
February 6, 2017

Did you know you can support a head-shaving event or team without actually shaving your head? It’s easy with these quick steps.

do what you want fundraiser

We know head-shaving isn’t for everyone — but supporting kids with cancer is!

You can raise money for research however you want with a Do What You Want fundraiser, and then join forces with a St. Baldrick’s team or event to meet your fundraising goals even faster.

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The best part? All of that money goes towards the same lifesaving childhood cancer research. So why not support a great event at the same time?

Here’s how you do it:

1) Log into your Fundraiser Dashboard

2) Click “View and Edit Your Page”

DWYW event step one

3) Click “Join an event”

DWYW event step three

4) Search for an event

DWYW event step four

If you already know the name of the even you’d like to join, you can enter the event name and search for it. If not, you can browse through all active St. Baldrick’s head-shaving events until you find one that you’d like to join.

If you want to support an event in your area, you can simply search for events by location.

5) Join your event

DWYW event step five

Once you find the event you’d like to join, select “Move to Event” to attach it to your fundraiser.

To join a team:

6) Click “Join a team”

DWYW join a team step one

7) Select a team from the list of available teams at the event

DWYW join a team step two


8) Search for a team by name

DWYW join a team step three

Once you find the event you’d like to join, select “Join this Team” to attach it to your fundraiser.

9) Get ready to raise!

DWYW final step

Your profile page will now display the event and/or team you’ve joined.

It’s that easy — so what are you waiting for? Attach your fundraiser to a head-shaving event now and help them meet their goal!

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