And the St. Baldrick’s 2016 #BestBaldDad Is…

by St. Baldrick's Foundation
June 19, 2016

We’ve already shaved over 45,000 heads this year to raise money for kids’ cancer research. That’s a lot of bald heads! So for Father’s Day, we wanted to do something special for all the extra-special dads who went bald in support of kids with cancer. Check out the results of our #BestBaldDad contest below.

The St. Baldrick's Foundation presents the #BestBaldDad contest

This year’s #BestBaldDad contest made for some tough decisions. How could you not vote for all of them?

After thousands of votes and countless requests to crown them all as the #BestBaldDad, we finally have our top three winners, each receiving a prize from our St. Baldrick’s shop and Headbands of Hope!

Introducing your 2016 #BestBaldDads:


First place


Josh J-Mash Marshall

Submitted by Josh J-Mash Marshall: “Me and my son at this year’s St. Baldrick’s event in Wichita, Kansas. Got my son’s scar tattooed to help his self confidence.”

Josh is raising money to find cures for kids like his son. Donate on his fundraising page.



Second place


Kaity J

Submitted by Kaity J.: “People call him by many names: RJ, Richard, lieutenant, LT, Q-tip, and many more. But I get to call him Dad. About three weeks after I got told I had leukemia, my hair started to fall out. When my mom and I went to get some snow cones, we came back to a bald dad. He shaved his head before I had to shave mine so I wouldn’t feel left out when I did. Although my hair is growing back, he still shaves his head every Sunday and probably won’t stop. Even though he gets me mad during hospital stays I don’t know what it would be like without him there constantly bugging me about EVERYTHING. I love my dad each and every day.”


Third place


Strength and Courage for Zoe #zoestrong

Submitted by Strength and Courage for Zoe #zoestrong: “Wanted to highlight the contest one of our favorite organizations was running in honor of June being all about dads.

I know we are biased, but Zoe and I think that this guy right here (Bryan Stauch) is the #BestBaldDad ever!

These two sure know how to liven up any party with their crazy personalities and love for a good time! And now, they look more like one another than ever before!”

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos, voted, and left heartwarming comments!

And to all the dads who shave their heads to help kids with cancer, you all are our favorite #BestBaldDads. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day!

A child is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes. Learn more about the realities of childhood cancer and see how you can help.

About Childhood Cancer

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