A New Definition of Beauty [PHOTO ESSAY]

by Krissy Gallagher
March 24, 2014

Shave your head for kids with cancer and show the world what true beauty is!

On Sunday, March 16, 160 heads went bald at the Cleveland Heights Community Center, raising over $110,000 for children’s cancer research. Krissy Gallagher, Volunteer Event Organizer and mom of 2012 Ambassador Austin, recounts the day with photos by Dallas Schubert.

A couple of times on Sunday, I referred to people’s inner beauty, as in, “These girls are showing us what it means to be beautiful on the inside,” implying, of course, that they were no longer beautiful on the outside. But I was all wrong.

They are indeed beautiful on the outside. I just needed my own definition of beauty challenged by them.

Sunday was full of beauty. It was all around us.

This is the beauty of family: Father and son working together to save one of their own (and remembering to have fun in the process).

Son shaving his father's head
And this is the beauty of family: A father shaving in solidarity with his son, whose bald head took some getting used to.

Bald father and son
This is the beauty of small people doing big things.

Young boy shaving head for cancer
This is multiple generations of beauty: grandmother and granddaughter watching the mother shave her head.

Grandmother and granddaughter watching mother shave her head
Contemplation can be beautiful.

Boy looking pensive as his head is shaved
Courage can be beautiful.

Girl smiles nervously as she prepares to shave
And pride can be beautiful.

Little kid with big smile
Beauty is young, and not so young.

Young boy and elder woman shaving their heads
Beauty is male, and beauty is female.

Boy and woman shaving their heads
And this is the beauty of friendship.
Five young girls shaved their heads together

What does beauty look like on you? Go bald for children with cancer and find out!


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